Grocery Store Ordering with Notifications

Made this app to facilitate online ordering and scheduling of orders for a grocery store along with automated notifications specially to make sure there’s no queue gathering at the store.
Users can place their orders on the app by adding items to cart. Orders are then captured and notifications are sent to the store owner and user both.
The store incharge then enters the exact amount the user needs to carry and the time when the user should come to collect their order. Again when the order is accepted, these details are sent as notifications on WA.
Check out the demo version of the app. (Notifications are for Indian numbers only for now)


the notifications are automated? if so, how did you implememnt?

WhatsApp automation. I have several posts about the same. My other apps send notifications to international numbers too. You can try them out!

Created a video to explain the functionality to users and grocery store owners. Grocery Walkthrough

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I like your project Manan, how can I use your template or it ?
I want to use it in one of my project and your help will be great.
Share with me your thoughts in

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Nicely done! How are you managing the users? Do you need them to sign up with email and create user profile?

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Yes they need to sign up with email and complete their profile before adding anything

This app was made much before tab visibility was available hence the sign up flow ain’t as smooth.

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