Task Assignment App (Specially for Work From Home) - With automatic notifications

This app has been made for companies to assign tasks to their employees and keep a track of those tasks while working from home. It is also integrated to send notifications to both the stakeholders.
You can give it a go by entering tasks and assigning them to your team and experience the UI. You willl get Whatsapp notifications once you assign tasks.
Please share if you encounter any bugs or have any other feedback.


Created a Promotion campaign for the application and published it in various places so doing it here as well!

In the recent times, a new challenge has come up for organisations and teams of any sort.
The challenge of “Work from Home!”

• Is it difficult to track the progress of your team?
• Have you faced problems remembering the tasks assigned to you?
• Does your team need constant reminders and follow ups to finish their tasks?

Worry no more, MS Cube Systems has come up with a Task Assignment application (http://wfh.modernizing-spaces.com) which can be used amongst teams to assign, track and follow up various tasks. For reminders it is integrated with automatic notifications.

• A Business owner could delegate work and track projects
• Professors could forward assignments to their students and maintain deadlines.
• Families could share important chores among-st each other.
• Students could use it to effectively complete their projects with their teams
• The opportunities are endless

Open the link and give it a go and experience the ease and magic!

Special offers available for educational institutions and NGOs!


Great job on how you setup the user flow :clap:

One UI recommendation would be to have a create your profile button on the home screen for new users

On the Whatsapp integration: Does everyone who signs up receive the notifications or only the individual who signed up?

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This is great.
How did you integrate the WhatsApp notifications?
How did you automate the notifications?

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Everybody receives the notifications irrespective of signing up.
Thanks for the UI feedback. Do you have any refernece as to how I could do it?

I have done some scripting on google scripts to create messages and trigger those according to certain conditions. Also this script is linked with an external API tool that my team has developed which automates a few clicks which are required to send the message.
Check this thread for more information.

Though this wasn’t sufficient to make a running tool, we did learn a lot from this. If you are interested in something of this sort for any of your apps, we could connect on private chat!

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Hi Manan, I have been struggling with setting up Whatsapp notifications and I know this is asking a lot from you but is there any way you would be willing to share one of your apps and allow it to be copied so I can learn from it? Many thanks

Check out this tutorial by @Manan_Mehta

WhatsApp notifications

Manan also built me recurring WhatsApp messages in addition to the form response I learned from the video.


Thank you, I have tried following this but still quite stuck. Is there any alternative to using the message auto sender app too?

Hey, where exactly are you stuck at? I could help you sort it out. Just book a call from here: https://www.glideapps.com/experts/manan-mehta

I think Twilio has launched Whatsapp integration recently so that could be an alternative.