Hello from India

Hello Glide Community. I am Manan Mehta and I am an entrepreneur from India. My company Modernizing Spaces creates tools to optimize business processes and Glide has been a major help in the recent times. I have successfully created applications for various workflows for Warehouse Management Systems, Customer Service portals, product portfolio applications, expense management systems and various other internal business workflow applications some of which were made using Glide.
Also I have integrated one of my applications with automatic Whatsapp notifications for internal usage.

I love the concept of Glide and enjoy using it. Very excited to see all the upcoming features and seeing Glide grow.

Feel free to connect with me for anything.

Looking forward to creating many more optimized solutions for MSMEs in India.

Manan Mehta


Welcome @Manan_Mehta, great to have you here. :grinning:

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welcome @Manan_Mehta! your project sounds awesome. My project also uses WhatsApp, would you be interested in discussing how you’ve implemented it in yours?


@Manan_Mehta Great to know about your app implementing whatsapp notifications. Am interested to know more about that.

Hey @Hemmings & @vijay we can surely discuss about Whatsapp integration. We could connect on the private messaging on Glide!

For a moment I thought it was a topic where Gliders (is that a term yet?) based in India would converge (like the London thread).

I am based in Pune, India and it’s been a little more than a year since I started using Glide.

@Manan_Mehta - Would love to chat about the WhatsApp notification. But looking at the curiosity that you’ve managed to spike on this thread, you should write a post about it. :slight_smile:

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Hello @sardamit
I am based in Mumbai. We could catch up sometime.
I love the idea of converging with fellow Indian Gliders.
Also I was just trying to introduce myself by sharing what I could achieve with Glide. I will try to create a showcase post about the Whatsapp integrations too.