Whatsapp and Glide

Is it possible to trigger a whatsapp from Glide pages?

You mean send and receive message into Glide Page ?

Yes both be great

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The answer to your question I do not know, I’ve never attempted sending nor receiving Whatsapp messages directly within a Glide project.

Related to Whatsapp however:

by gathering a phone number, cleaning up the number to remove a leading “+” symbol and any spaces, periods, hyphens and parentheses, and then using a construct URL column, you can create a link that when tapped will bring the user to Whatsapp in the correct conversation/feed.

Configuration of the construct URL column

Configuration of the cleaned phone number column (this is far from error-proof)


Great so we can also create the message by URL such as

So we could have a form that customers send Whatsapp to us… we then have an entry on our site (in App) and we can respond via our App also to the customer?

It’s a workaround till we can properly intergrate.