Whatsapp and Glide

Is it possible to trigger a whatsapp from Glide pages?

You mean send and receive message into Glide Page ?

Yes both be great

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The answer to your question I do not know, I’ve never attempted sending nor receiving Whatsapp messages directly within a Glide project.

Related to Whatsapp however:

by gathering a phone number, cleaning up the number to remove a leading “+” symbol and any spaces, periods, hyphens and parentheses, and then using a construct URL column, you can create a link that when tapped will bring the user to Whatsapp in the correct conversation/feed.

Configuration of the construct URL column

Configuration of the cleaned phone number column (this is far from error-proof)


Great so we can also create the message by URL such as

So we could have a form that customers send Whatsapp to us… we then have an entry on our site (in App) and we can respond via our App also to the customer?

It’s a workaround till we can properly intergrate.

Is this what you mean?

WhatsApp Notifications

It is possible. When using the Whatsap API and connect it with integration tools like Make. You would need a chat-like interface in Glide and trigger a webhook that sends the data threw Make to Whats API. What I noticed is that Whatsapp API is a bit limited when starting yourself a new conversation. Check its documentation.
Receiving messages changes a bit. You would need to pay the Pro subscription in Glide to have acces to the Glide tables API in your app. Having this you would just do the steps from when sending a message, but backwards in order for you to get the message in your Glide app.

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How can i do that? Can you share it?

You can subscribe to the WhatsApp gateway on this website wa.antoniedik.my.id
then you will get an api key… later it will be used in google script
(the spreadsheet used as the glideapp or glidepage application database)