Glide to Whatsapp

Hi All, :slightly_smiling_face:

We’re lookign for a template that can send orders to Whatsapp (free or paid) just let us know if you got it or if you can help us out with our existing app.



Hola @LatteArt

This new Integromat integration may help you with what you need.

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Thank you Santiago; I will look into it.

Soon Glide will have one :wink:

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I hope so Lucas, I’ve managed to send one row using the below tutorial, after that got stuck :wink:

I also tride Zaiper and also got stuck, I only managed to send one row from my form.

[WhatsApp y Glide - Recibe tus pedidos en WhatsApp - YouTube](https://Glide to Whatsapp Clip)

Does something like this serve you?
Personally. I don’t like the method used by “insani academy” and I see it as impractical.

Hi Jorge,

Thanks, I will take a look at your app.

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Que estás tratando de hacer???

Estas usando la columna URL para el envío en WhatsApp??

Looking for something like that?

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Santago, I wish I knew how to speack Spanish, I acutlly just watched the clip and follwed step by step and it was clear to me.

When I got stuck I called up my old buddy ( Google Translation) LOL

I’m new to Glide and don’t have that much experince and I’m still in my learining stages.

This is the most asked qustion on Glide since I think 2019 and until this day nothing has been done about it when it comes to Whatsapp , but I’m sure they have more important things on their list, and I totally understand, but it won’t hurt if they just could have created a free template or paid one for lazy guys like me. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry @LatteArt

Since the video was in Spanish, I assumed you spoke it.

Let see if I have an example app that does this and I’ll post it here if nobody else does.

No need to be sorry, It was my mistake for not learining the language years ago. Thank you Santiago much appricated.

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Hey @LatteArt

Check if this works for you.

The caveat to this is that your user can and probably will change the info in the message. That is why I first suggested using integromat and WA Web+ so you can send the massage on the backend.

I have not tried it myself yet but I am planning on give it a try soon.

If you need more help, feel free to ask.

Thanks Santiago, I will check it out.

I have no issue sending one row , I need to know how to send more than one row in a form, that’s my issue.

But thanks for the help.

To send more than one row at a time, you’ll need to use join text columns in Glide to combine rows of data. Only issue is that it’s one column at a time, so you’ll probably need to combine columns with a template column. Then combine those template columns with a join text column. Then send that column via the webhook.


Take a look at this

It shows how to send several rows as explained by @Robert_Petitto


Im creating a template for glide. So soon we will have!


Santago, Muchas gracias por su apoyo. :clap:

Extactly what I was looking for.

Thank you Sir.


Check this out once


Thank you Manan, I will look into it.

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