Order details to WhatsApp

Hello guys, I’m trying to build a multivendor restaurant app. and I want the app to send the order details directly to the restaurant’s whatsapp number. When the user places an order.

Example message -


2x large pizza
Extra toppings
Extra cheese


House number + Street name

Is it possible for with Glide? If so, how ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Sayan!

Yes, it’s possible. You need to create a table to store the cart data and there you need to add a template column with all order details (items, prices, etc). You will need to create a Join List column to list the items of the order. It’s not too complicated. You can use the template that @George_B presented at https://community.glideapps.com/t/shopping-cart-after-transaction-completion-spreadsheet/4727.

That’s what I did. Using this template you will just need to include a Template column at the Cart table and at the custom action that’s used to “send the order” you will need to add an action “open link” using the new collumn added on Cart table, it will be a link like this:

https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=5521981210565&text=*Olá!* Meu nome é *NOME* e estou fazendo o seguinte pedido:%0a%0a *Num. Pedido:* NUMPED%0a%0a*Itens:*%0a%0aDETALHES %0a%0a*•Total: TOTALPED* %0a*•Telefone:* TELEFONE %0a•*Endereço:* ENDERECO %0a•*Observações:* OBS%0a%0aEnviado em: DATAHORA


Instead of a template column, you can also use the Construct URL column to do this. Might be a bit cleaner and it formats the URL the right way automatically.


Hi @ThinhDinh, do you mind giving an example of how the Construct URL would look using the above example.

I have also been using the template column for the my eCommerce type App. I would really appreciate it.

Using the scheme above, the only thing that you would still need a template column to help with is the text part, since it’s a single param in the URL.

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Thanks. I appreciate it.
I thought I would have to maybe separate the items in that template column but this makes much more sense and is cleaner.

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I have a order but not cart like multiple things added,only a single order.the order has category name,image,phone number.how can I send this details to WhatsApp .any idea?