Grocery app?

I have everything input but would like for clients to be able to make a list on my app that they can send it to me and I shop for them. Is that possible? It’s only for one store that doesn’t have an app or a another method of ordering. I don’t want to charge through this app, I use square for that. I just need them to pick through the items, make a list, and have that list sent to me. Help please!

Hi Anne,

I believe you can have a data structure like this.

Add a Cart sheet where users can select all the items they want. Let’s say item’s unique ID, item name, quantity and notes. You would also want an if then else column to determine whether that cart item has been sent as an order yet. It will either have a value of “true” or “false”.

Still on the Cart sheet, make a template column joining your email and a “false” value. For example it would have a value like: - true.

Make a second template column joining your email and the boolean column mentioned in the 1st paragraph, then a relation matching the first template column with the second template column, return multiple matches.

What the above mean is you’re getting a relation of all “incompleted” cart items, so you can show it on your Cart tab, and don’t show the completed ones.

Now, coming to the part where we write the order details to the Orders sheet.

Make a template joining the email - item name - item quantity - notes. Let’s say it will have a value like: - Pineapples - 3 - Please only buy fresh ones!

On top of the relation established, create a joined text column to gather all info about incomplete cart items, and another joined text column to gather all their unique IDs.

Add a button with an add row action to write to the Orders sheet, one column would be all unique IDs, one column would be all order info, one column would be the email of the signed-in user.

Now, I have not mentioned this above, the if then else column to check if the item has been sent or not (in the Cart sheet) will depend on an additional combination of relation & joined text. Create a relation with just the email of the signed-in user, matching with the email in the Orders sheet, the joined text would combine all unique IDs that have been sent over.

If the cart item’s ID is included in the joined text of sent IDs, then that item has been sent, otherwise not.

I might find time to make a simple app to demonstrate this and let you copy it back, because the things above are long and complex to read.


I am brand new to the app world but started a grocery delivery business last April. It’s been so successful that I left teaching to peruse this. The only store that does not have an inventory available to my clients is Trader Joe’s. I went in and took picture of every item and have not input them in a spreadsheet along with pictures for those that are available and the “dept” it’s in. Everything is input but I can’t for the life of me get it to work the way I want it to. I’m sure it’s not that difficult and I consider myself tech savvy, just not app savvy :woman_facepalming:t3:. Any help would be so appreciated!!! Bc ya, below is a little over my head. I’d be more than happy to pay you or someone else if they can make what I want happen!

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I will try to find time to make a little demo to you and get back today or tomorrow, just want to make sure you understand how it works behind the scenes, so you can always relate to the comment above.

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Hi Anne. Here’s the demo video.

In this demo app you can:

  • Add multiple items, with quantity & notes to your cart.
  • Send all of them at once to create an order.
  • You can’t send if one item is invalid (quantity less than or equal to 0).
  • Admins will see if your order has a note so they can go inside and read.
  • Order history for users.
  • All orders in one tab for admins, color coded.

The app is copyable, fully on Glide Tables.


I want to thank you for spending time creating this for me. Unfort, I wasn’t able to open it on either my computer or my phone. :frowning:

Hi Anne, what’s the error in your end? Can you send us some screenshots?

It just keeps trying load… the circle going around and around.

Can you access this screen to copy it back? Have you tried incognito mode?

For what it’s worth, I snaffled a copy of this app today, and had no problems with it.
Because, I’m just about to start building a similar app :wink:

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Glad if it can help your case :smile: I owe you and Jeff for many tricks.


Finally got it! Lord have mercy haha. This is awesome! Just so I make sure I understand correct, I can add the items in the glide table to set up and then customers can make an order and I can see it through the back end of the app but they won’t have to be charged?


Yeah that’s true.

This is amazing!!! Seriously, thank you thank you!!! Last question(s), because I had already input everything on another app, is there any way to cut and paste if you will? And the row ID, how does that work? This is perfect for what I need. Thank you again SO much!

There’s no way to cut and paste with Glide Tables but you can go with my idea and construct the Sheet the same way I did.

RowIDs are unique IDs for each row in the table. I passed that to the order so we can relate back to them items in that order.

Thank you SO much for putting this together! I just finished everything however when I sent it o myself to try out as a new user, the “shop” tab isn’t available to add things to the cart. Is there something that I need to do to unlock this?

Can you check if we have any visibility conditions on the Shop tab?

I figured out that that was the issue and corrected it! I officially have mine up and running now! You are amazing!!!


Let me know if you need any further help. Good luck with your business!