[UPDATED] Buffalo Burger 🍔

Hey All :wave:t3:

Features updated:

  • Deleted all sheet formulas and substituted on Data! (That’s dope)
  • So that, thanks @Jeff_Hager tips, I was using and Arrayformula to creat my sales order ID. Now, everything on Data (That’s licky)
  • Last, I deleted one tab which was doubling the number of orders rows. Again with formulas. Deleted completely. (Yeah, Glide’s power)

Update Benefits:

  • Less 50% orders rows
  • App’s Speed: summoned to participate in Fast and Furious

Hungry? Starving?

Take a look in this gorgeous Delivery model app I’ve made.

Clients, Admin & Deliveryman in One :tada:

Buffalo Burger™

Register Screen

Hello, User! :wave:

Untitled_ Apr 24, 2020 10_19 PM

Add what you want to the cart :shopping_cart: :

Untitled_ Apr 24, 2020 10_44 PM

Confirm your order and follow up :page_with_curl:

Follow up all your orders :white_check_mark: / Profile :bust_in_silhouette:

Admin View :gear: - Restricted access - Password needed

Admin View :gear: - On Hold, Completed and All Orders

Can Check: In preparation, Out for delivery and Delivered.

Deliveryman View :motor_scooter: - Restricted access - Password needed.

Deliveryman View :motor_scooter: - Only On Hold Orders

Can Check: Only Delivered.

Try Admin and Deliveryman View:

Admin password: 123abc
Deliveryman: moto123


Gorgeous as always, Lucas!


Really well done! …the app…not the burgers… :wink:


I’m lovin’ it! :smiley:


Thank you so much @ThinhDinh!

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Definitely… Doing burger, I’m better doing apps :laughing:

Looks awesome!

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Getting hungry here :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks @seth!

Impressive work👍

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Thanks :pray:t3: @Krivo

Excellent work. Functionality is great :+1: I’m sure you will get many “how did you achieve that?” questions…

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@Rosewebstudio :joy: maybe! But the secret is always in learn how to use Glide, not the sheet

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Exactly, it’s all about learning and these kind of apps are an inspiration showing what is achievable.


Try this out! :point_up:t3::star_struck:


Wow! Well done!

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Thanks @kyleheney :star_struck::pray:t3:

@Lucas_Pires, in your APP can the same user order more than 2 times the same day?

Or must he close the original order to generate a new one?


Hey @gvalero

As I’m not using the buy button or stripe, I had to create an Order ID doing a concatenation with


This allows the user make different orders one per hour, but I’d love to have glide’s own “Order ID” or something like that.

‘Cause as we use more than one line for this, we can’t use a row id or something like that.


Ok… I supposed it.

I made a test and saw this problem when I wanted to create a new one 10min later and your APP didn’t allow me.

I have my doubts and considerations to use that method. One is what you wrote to have an Order ID
able to join up several items belonging to same user.

Another one is the amount of rows you will need to use (or be available) to create a simple order. I mean, if 30 users would create 50 orders and each one loads 10 items, your sheet will be using 500 rows quickly to support only 50 orders and APP’s performance will be affected in few days.

Create an own shopping cart due to the fact the Stripe service isn’t available in our countries is a headache so far.

I instead, took this way to take orders and Delivery
https://pizzeria.glideapp.io and make my life easier. I don’t pretend to say that my choice is the best solution in our cases (no Stripe nor Buy button) but it’s more efficient

Anyway, your APP looks very nice!

Saludos Lucas

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