Restaurant pickup app - feedback welcomed!

I’m working on a client app and would love testing/feedback from the community.

There have been several food sales/delivery/pickup apps showcased here, so any thoughts, bugs, comments, etc. will be helpful as I finish the first draft.

The client wants to use Stripe but needed product variations. My approach led me to create a unique order ID at the start of each order, forcing the user to complete or delete the order before starting a new one. Happy to hear other treatments that may have worked for others.

My goal is to make this app with little to no formulas in Google sheets. So far, I believe I have about 3 or 4, mainly because I couldn’t find a straight forward solution to pull ‘latest record’ data in Glide’s editor or create if-then statements where values can equal data fields (lookups or countif equivalents).


The first thing I noticed is the lag after submitting the start an order form. This is due to the Google sheets formula. This may sometimes result in duplicate entries from users. If you could find a way to trigger the same visibility in Glide data editor, it would avoid this lag.
Other than that, the app is really clean and simple which gives it a great UX

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Hi Lisa,

First, this app is clean and well structured, very nice, congrats.

2 small remarks :

  1. when you add an option, the extra cost is not indicated. It results that the price displayed is majored but there’s no detail. You should concatenate both the option item + the extra cost in the option selection drop-down.
  2. when I connect the app, I am to provide the expected pickup time. But then, when I review my order, I am again asked to provide a pickup time, and the drop-down choice list is not prepopulated with the choice I made at the beginning. You should either prepopulate the pickup time in the review order screen, either not ask this info at the beginning of the order workflow.

But again, very nice, very clean, very pro! :+1:t2:

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Third remark : I didn’t complete my previous order test, I didn’t pay (I won’t be able to come from France at pickup time :wink:).

If I reconnect the app, the cart is still here and no way to get it empty (aka. I can’t cancel the previous order by myself)

You should probably work on the use case : customer don’t complete his order, he could cancel his cart to be able to start a new order.

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Forth remark : as you manage user profiles, it could be interesting for the clients to retrieve previous order on their profiles. This way, if I made an order last week and want to order exactely the same thing today, I could select the previous order and get all items “automatically” applied in the cart, excepted the pickup time that I will set when I will review my new order.

This is not really a remark, just an idea or new use case which, I think, could be useful for clients.


Thank you both @Manan_Mehta @Christophe_HK!

I’ll have to think hard on how to recreate the current set up from Sheets in the data editor. Curious if you’ve been able to do a lookup function or display the latest a record using the data editor in Glide alone?

Chris: Great minds think alike! I’m still working on the other features (deleting an order and reordering previous orders). I have it where the user can see their previous orders, but haven’t tried out the reordering part just yet :wink:

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Hi Lisa,

I think you might get an idea from this thread, which Jeff and the poster was discussing about getting the latest billing dates.


Perfect for the reordering!

I think you could implement the reordering feature quite easily. In the Profile tab, when clicking on one of the previous order, display the detail view. In this detail view add a “reorder” form button. In the form, you can add the choice component for pick-up time, and add in the destination sheet all existing “column” values describing the previous order (these column values won’t be displayed to the client, just the pickup time drop-down, and any other text you need.

It could be useful in the form to let the client able to adjust the quantity for each item, but not easy (or even not possible) to display the ordered items and quantities (modifiable) in the form…

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VERY interesting. I’m going to play around with this to see if it can replace my current set up.