HELP: How to append a Choice selection to a transaction

Hey Gliders,

I’m building websites for restaurants, and part of doing this is enabling the user to select choices in their orders. I can’t seem to figure how to append a selected value to an order that the user made, and as I was testing purchasing using the same item, I was getting that the item is no longer available (strange?).

I would appreciate any guidance since a bunch of restaurants are waiting for me to build them their websites using Glide!


Hi Mohamad, when you said “select choices”, do you mean variants of the product?

I mean the functionality of

This is the web app:

So you want to use this in a detailed screen then use it for a buy button?

Here is a video explainer of what I’m trying to achieve


The buy button, firstly, will only accept Sheet columns for now, so it’s a bit complex and I honestly think it needs to support Glide columns.

For your question, not sure why the buy button wasn’t showing, but I think you can concatenate the choice info into the SKU name. That’s the only way you can pass info to the Sales.

But the problem here is that users can overlap each other if they order at the same time.

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Not sure I understand this part?

Any tutorial that can show this?

Yeah I heard that, that’s not good! What’s the workaround for this?

I did have a read across the whole thread there, but its not quiet clear, what does “column user specific” mean?

When you have a choice to write to a column in the Sheet, all users can act on that choice and make the choice of another user being wiped out.

Glide has a built-in column option called User Specific, but it lives in Glide. It allows users to act on the same cell’s value but that value is not accessible by the Buy Button as of now.

So do you suggest that I use the Glide built-in functionality?

And also should I concatenate the inputs to be transmitted? Any resource to show how I can achieve that with Glide Buy button?

I just played with the user specific column functionality, and was able to add a couple of columns for what I need them for.

I don’t want the app to be gated with sign in functionality though, will the user-specific functionality work for every client as new?

It also works with public apps. Until Glide can use user-specific columns in Buy Buttons, I think your best bet is use an alternative method of payment rather than the built-in Stripe.

Where will I be able to see the inputs of the users in this case? And how can I transmit them to the App Sales sheet where the order will be placed?

What do you suggest in terms of payment processing? Can I still use Stripe directly?

The best flow I can think of is use user-specific columns to catch the choices, then get them via a form to the Sheet that will act as your Sales sheet.

Only show them the form when they have paid for the order, but you must have a method to verify that they have already paid before showing them the form button.

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So there would be 2 steps? selecting the choices and then prompt them with a form after they pay?

Also, where do the selections from choices get stored? Or they don’t get stored because they are on a public app?

The selection gets stored in the user-specific column, then passed to your sheet through the form.

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Which form? Do you have a any visual resource that could help me understand how that is done?

It’s the form I mention here.

Sorry I don’t have an app to demonstrate that but probably @gvalero can help.

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Yeah i would appreciate the help. I just don’t know how I would transmit that information from the choice to the form and then to the app sales sheet.