[UPDATED] Buffalo Burger 🍔

@Lucas_Pires Here’s an idea that may work for you. It sounds like your situation is similar, but I don’t know if it’s exactly the same. Hopefully it gives you some ideas.

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Thank you @gvalero @Jeff_Hager

Actually, I have another delivery template app that I include the order in a single form button, as you said. And like pizzeria.glideapp.io

This app I was one more test.

Even the app not being 100%, cause I’m the person who’s always innovating and changing for better my apps. I’m gonna improve it even more! Thanks


@Lucas_Pires Great, I’m on my way to an app of that style. And it is really complete yours.
Keep it up, :muscle::muscle::muscle:

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Great app! How can we use it for our own restaurant ?

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Yes! We can. Better used in a PRO version, but yes!

Hello Lucas!
I placed my order in your app. I ordered more than three products and it was in a single order. Sometimes I test mine and create two orders. How do you prevent this from happening? TKS

@Marc I said here why this happens. I’m improving it.


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I just subscribed my app to the PRO version but I still cannot use your app for my restaurant, am I dumb? :face_with_head_bandage:

Why can’t you use? @Pierre_Richet

I don’t know, I want to edit the menu for my restaurant but it doesn’t work

I don’t see how to copy your app

My app isn’t allowed to copy lol

oh :frowning:

Hey all, take a look.


How exactly do you clear the cart when the order is placed? And for every user how do you define that items are from different order numbers

@Manan_Mehta To clear the cart I use a Relation of my order ID to my orders ID of my Confirmed Orders sheet. So, in the cart, the inline visibility is when the Relation is empty.

But, for that, I have to recreate my Order ID by Jeff tip

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[quote=“How to create an app for taking Sales Orders, post:12, topic:7048”]
When you confirm an order, it will write a record to the confirmed orders Hi Lucas,

How are you ?

I am wondering how exactly “do you (the business) confirm an order” to trigger the next purchase from the same business to increment by 1? Any tips?


Congratulation @Lucas_Pires is very good app. I try to test it but I can`t see the order when I made it. The application still works?

I’m try to make an app like this with product and order could you help me? Do you know also how to create a shopping cart to give the option to check the order before send it. I don’t want to use payment with stripe and the component buy don’t give the opcion to modify and use form button

Thank so much and congrats again!

hi, i’m trying to create an app like this one only i can’t create the registration form and the cart with the orders

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Fantastic work! I am so inspired by my colleagues here.

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