Online Ordering System


This is great - well done! The Add/Remove items using the floating buttons is a nice touch!

Couple questions:

1.) How much of the app is writing to a Google Sheet versus a Glide Table?

2.) Are the customers Orders (current and previous) all shown using an Inline List in the Orders tab?

3.) How were you able to integrate Whatsapp to send automated messages - did you use a template column?

Thanks in advance! Again, great work!


for first,

  1. in Google Sheet only need to setup in 1st row, 90% is using in Glide Table.
  2. correct, showing in inline List
  3. just template in Glide Table.
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Thanks for the reponse!

I’ll assume the Google Sheet first row is the restaurant’s info?

I swear to god I’m going to punch my monitor. That video zooms in just as you get halfway through reading then its zoomed back out so I quickly refocus to read and it starts zooming back in and it repeats this process until I just don’t want to try anymore.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Yeah, it is a bit of a sprint. That video needs to be about 30 seconds longer, I think.

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wow this is great
can I copy your template? :grinning:

im working on same project lol

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Here is another version that for some client request, its no need login with Glide login + waiting PIN,
allow business owner login with admin email + admin password, and end user “customer” can signup and login as customer view.

I would be extremely careful about creating your own login procedure. It is not a secure method of protecting data. I would recommend using Glide’s methods of signing in along with Row Owners to properly protect data. Took me less than than a minute to find all of your underlying data, users, passwords, bank information, etc. I hope it’s only test data in there.



that is for some client request for allow user login without waiting for the “PIN”. actually for me, the PIN is not much problem for me, but what i can hear from some client is they login with Email + PIN and waiting for the PIN with more than half hour.

I’d just be careful. If the wrong person eats one bad bagel, they might look deeply into the app and start causing problems. My main concern is that the data is not secured, so it’s easy to find any customer’s or admin’s email and password, then start checking if they use that same password on other email or financial websites. What really concerned me was seeing the bank information. Then your client won’t have any money left to pay you.

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There is no showing any bank details/ bank information. you can try the app… the payment method actually is allow user to choose their payment method, then will link user order detail & WhatsApp to business owner… the payment is actually deal between each other in whatsapp.

Try this app :

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I clearly saw “Bank America” and a bank number in the data. Just because you don’t see it in the app doesn’t mean it’s not there. I don’t know if it’s an actual bank account number, or what the number is, but it raised a red flag when I saw it. Again, all of the data is accessible because you are not applying proper security to the app data.


you can access google sheets data?

No, not the google sheet. I’m accessing the data that’s downloaded to the device when I open the app.

but the data comes from spreadsheets… what you can download?

If a google sheet is used as opposed to a glide table, the data is still synced to Glide’s servers where they have a copy of the data. When a user opens the app on the phone, the data is downloaded and synced to the phone so the app can be used. An app isn’t very useful if there’s no data. There is a direct connection between the glide servers and the google sheet. There is also a direct connection between the Glide servers and the app on a user’s device. There is no direct connection between the app and the google sheet. At any one moment, there is a copy of the data on each user’s device, on Glide’s servers, and in the Google sheet.


you said that you can see his underlining data, you mean the data that he display on app, or all data from that sheet?
and how do you see that data?