App Restaurant Showcase

Hi gliders!

I built a really complex app for a restaurant in my city. About 5 months ago I had already shown the first phase of this app on twitter, which included:

  • Menu
  • Promotions
  • Events
  • Reservations
  • Dining system
  • Administration panel

In this second stage, the flows of the app have been improved and, among the most notable, the delivery system and curbside pick up have been implemented. In this system the restaurant has:

  • Delivery orders tab.
  • Dinning orders tab.
  • Reservations tab.
  • Stripe payments.
  • Sales report by day, week and month.
  • Sales report by type of order.
  • Report of best-selling dishes.
  • Users: diner, waiter, delivery man and administrator.

In addition, this has been a complete package for my client, from managing social networks, promotional videos, website, digital marketing and of course an app made in Glide.

This is just one of the complex apps that I have developed, I hope to show you more soon.


Wow! That’s just stunning!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Ok, now I need to learn how to do videos like that too lol :rofl:


Hey thanks to you I implemented pop-up notifications for new delivery orders! It really helped me a lot

One - the video is killer :heart_eyes:

Pop up notifications… how?


I took the html code from Lucas to notify the restaurant when there is a new delivery order. I also use Zapier to send an alert to Pushover, but it has a delay in seconds or even minutes :cry:

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@Mauricio_Paz great looking app! What did you use to create the video?

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Yep, I’d say that

Thanks @_eric! I used After Effects


Now that’s a neat showcase video!

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@Lucas_Pires where can we find an example of this?

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Maybe this? I need to brush up on my Portuguese :wink:

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Nice one! Congrats :+1:t3: and btw stunning video

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Great job!!! Excellent app!!

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Fantastic work, showcases your skills and what is achievable in glide :+1:

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Gracias Santiago!

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Demonios Señorito!!!
Se ve rompe madre esa app…

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Como manejas la cuestion de ordenar desde la mesa ?
“Ordena y recible en tu mesa” Segundo 0:17 del video pretty cool stuff for people (like me) that don’t know how to make videos. Don´t wanna make it a competition, but hey, here’s my video!! :wink: and of course it’s about the video only as my app is no way near as complex!


La orden del usuario la puede ver el mesero en el tab “Comedor” con el nombre de la mesa y el carrito de artículos.

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Renderforest is superb! Can confirm this.