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hi I’m new to the community panel, my name is Dovene. I am interested in glide, I would like to know how to put the order button, or add to cart next to the price of each restaurant menu for example. I followed a lot of tutorials on YouTube but I can’t do it alone. can I find a volunteer who can help me do this? I took a free template that I am working on to understand how glideapps works.

Hello Dovene,

Could you share the Youtube video you are following? You might be watching an old video which is showcasing Glide’s old product which has been discontinued.

Glide is not ideal as an e-commerce solution. I say this because I read “order button” and “add to cart” in your question.


hi, Mr expert, I am really happy for your response, I hope you will help me resolve my concerns, here is the link to the youtube video https://youtu.be/K0dJBnhf2wk?si=VX1F_JqoU_MSNHNp. it’s a training video but unfortunately it’s in French, if you see the screenshots that I sent you, you can see in the navigation menu at the bottom of the screen the icon from the basket to add to the basket, then on the screenshot where there is the can of coca cola you will see the COMMANDER button in French which means order button, and the AJOUTER AU PANIER button which means add to basketball. then you will notice everything he has added. my concern here is how to create everything? or how to add all that in a template to properly customize the application. in the video he just brushed off the information. I would like to learn the basics and how to add or create files in the data section to succeed. after all I plan to become a promoter of Glideapps in my country and in West Africa. one last question, is there anyone who can help me in French? I am French-speaking, but I can only get by in English. I will send you the screenshot of what I started doing myself.

Check this one:

hi manager,
here is what I myself have been able to do for the moment in my creation.
here is what I myself have been able to do for the moment in my creation. I need help creating the Order button and the add to cart button and the data files that go with that.

The person is showing the newest version of Glide, so that is a good start.

I’m not saying it cannot be done, and perhaps the person in the video or Uzo or others have managed to create a functional e-commerce app on Glide.

Personally, I wouldn’t attempt it. Why not look at e-commerce solutions that already do what you need rather than trying to build it from scratch?

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