Restaurant for only send ORDERS

Hello team, i from Colombia, i am interested in Restaurant App.

In Colombia Stripe no works, but i like use Restaurant app ONLY for SEND orders. Is possible?

Sure @setapp_comco!

Here an example, I’m close to you BTW :slight_smile:


ok, thanks bro!.

Lastima que no se pueda usar como lo planteo.


Y que estás pensado hacer? Hay otras opciones/ideas de otros usuarios, unas más sencillas que otras

If you state your ideas clearly other users can help you better


link para copia zé? pode liberar?

Hi, Great work…i have recently started using glide app. I am creating QR menu for restaurant, then want to add the functionality of placing order with customer name/mobile no, then pushing this to the POS computer and then to the kitchen monitor. when kitchen accept the order will be showed in a TV display, where customer can view their wait time. I do not need to add payment now.
is this all possible via glide?
I want to stop glide branding so if i upgrade to 1 pro account can i create multiple app for multiple restaurants? is there a limit?


The pro account is per app, so you need to pay per app.

Good day, I was wondering if you got to do this?
I just start using glide and would love to do the exact same thing you stated.
In other words I have the same question.
Can anyone help??