New in Glide. Developing restaurant, delivery, hotel app

Hi. I am Paibool, from Thailand. I am developing some mobile applications by using Glide, e.g., restaurant, delivery, hotel booking. It’s so interesting. Anyway, I am learning to use it.


Welcome to Glide Paibool! Wishing you great success in building out what you are looking for. If you need help feel free to reach out to the forum.

Welcome onboard!!!

Can I do log in page without email?

I purchased Starter plan already. But can’t finish connect to Stripe because I am living outside USA. So many data needed to complete, e.g., personal details, payouts details.
Please check and support.

You must have a valid Stripe account to receive money, so I believe for countries where it is not supported, we can’t help you on that front.

If I don’t want to receive money. But I need to use Buy Button. What should I do?

So what would you use the buy button for if you don’t want to receive money?

I want to use the shopping cart function, money summarize. Before check out. Pls share any idea to do that.

have a look at this template

used to make an online restaurant delivery system once at least

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Greetings to the Glide community.

My name is Dmitry Deyneka. I am a beginner in Glide.

I’ve passed through basic Glass training and created my first Glide Application.

Now I want to develop my Glide skills. For that reason, I seek clients with a demand for a minimal viable product within short terms and a reasonable price.

I would be very grateful if anyone in community can help me to get or provide me with a link to such client.

Much obliged!

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A big, warm welcome from the Glide Team, @paiboolk :rocket: