I want an App like this

Hi Glide,

I don’t know how to contact you directly but I need these features & don’t know why you don’t offer them!

I contacted the developer a few days ago, he’s seen it but hasn’t responded - so I’m trying it this way.

I feel like Glide could be so huge but you’re missing out on some basic improvements that could really 10x this service/company.

Any advice will be appreciated.

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i also in learning phase for developing a complete shopping cart . can we learn together ?

This app was built on the Glide platform actually!

Yeah I know, that’s what I’m saying!!

I could easily recreate but Glide doesn’t offer those features automatically, you have to customise the coding but isn’t that Glides USP along with the G Sheets :frowning:

I’m not a coder lol - I’m clueless.

Good luck though

Have you checked out the templates that are available? You’re also welcome to meet with a Glide exper!

You haven’t specified what features you’re after exactly. What’s on your wish list? Just a copy of this app?


I can help you building your app if you still need help.

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just the bottom & top product slide really

the whole app would be ideal and I think; could make Glide a lot of money in the food delivery sector.

Hi @Jack_London, those “slides” do come prepackaged in Glide…no coding necessary. It’s a simple tiles view that’s been formatted horizontally rather than vertically (which is the default).


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There are some restaurant templates out there, too:

Everybody on here has built their apps the same way. Many with little or no coding or app building experience. If you have specific questions, we are willing to help, but you have to ask. Some users choose to share their work and some do not. Especially if they are trying to sell or make money off of their work. Templates are kept simple so they are understandable. Starting with a template, you can slowly learn and add pieces as you go. Like what was mentioned above, everything you see in the app you posted above is currently available to you too recreate using all of the tools already available in glide. No coding necessary. Maybe some minor Google sheet formulas or scripting if you are doing some really advanced back end processing, but that all depends on your needs.

Again, if you have a specific question, many people here are willing to help. If you want a completely hands off approach, I’m sure many experts would be willing to help build your app for you for a fee.

If you are looking for horizontal tiles or cards, feel free to explore the documentation that explains it. Cards and Tiles work the same way.


  • posts an app made with Glide on Glide community forum
  • “i want this. why isnt glide as good as this?”
  • doesn’t explain further and gets snippy when others try to help

People all through this thread have offered to help, from one expert to another, to regular contributors. One person even offered to learn along side you, but you refused because you “don’t code”… you don’t need to code with Glide, that’s the whole reason you’re here, no?
lol, good luck getting any help this way.

Glide Library
There are called tiles, friend
A simple Google search for you

:v: good luck

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legend, thank you!!

legend, thank you!

I think you misunderstood.

Me, as not a coder but someone who’s started companies; apps, websites etc.

“posts an app made with Glide on Glide community forum” - yeah, what’s wrong with that?
“I want this. why isnt glide as good as this?” - not exactly what I said, but again yeah and?
“doesn’t explain further and gets snippy when others try to help” - The first official reply was again, stating the obvious that the app was made with Glide… again, DURR!
You and Megan I felt, misunderstood me which led her to stating the obvious - not a huge deal but annoying when the replies were hours in between.

If the right Glide employee saw what I wrote - I actually could’ve added a lot of value to the whole company in what I said.

But yeah, big up Megan and everyone else who tried to help, including you x