App for Restaurant

Follow my app for restaurants, diners, food trucks …
Comment if you wish.


Looks good, love the moving opening image, what sort of a file is that?

Image .GIF


Quite nice. Would it be possible to share the app. Thanks

The link is in the message.

Thanks for sharing the links. Would it also be possible to share the google sheets / template? Thanks in advance

Unfortunately its not possible

No worries. Many thanks

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Awesome App! How did you make the scrolling banner at the top ?

@garrettb34 HTML is generally not supported or recommended, so use at your own risk.

Hey Alex, tudo bem?

Could you share how you support advertising in the app?
I am looking for ways of monetise my app right now and advertising would be a possibility.

Good one! @Alex_Calandrino :blush::+1:

What is the easiest tool to create Gifs?

I use sometimes.

Thanks @George_B… I had used giphy…

Was wondering if there is an offline tool… bit hesitant to take my pics to the cloud…

You can use Gimp to do it but that is a bit hard. I use GIF Brewery 3 but I’m not sure if there is a PC version of it.


Hi @Alex_Calandrino

Happy holidays! Would you kindly explain / show how you created the functionality of these three buttons?

Hellow, pwd to login?


Great ! How to download it ?

Password o contraseña para probarla?

Password to test it?

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Hello, I am new to Glide, I still see tutorials to understand how it works before I can make my app. I share with you one of the people I have followed and thanks to him I am with you today.