How should I sell a restaurant app to a client?

Look I want to create app for the restaurant owner with glide.Then I want to sell it to the owner with monthly fee + one time fee.

My question is how can I give them my readymade app by glide mean how I give them access and the procedure.pls tell me.And how much money should I charge to them.

Another thing is,can I make professional app like facebook?,


First your pricing will depend on a lot of key factors, is this restaurant a chain, franchise, privately owned, mom & pops corner shop, where in the world is it located?
Is the app for ordering food, reservations, inventory control, advertising,etc.?
If you are wanting to distribute an app with Glide as your foundation I would recommend PRO at the least, you don’t want watermark (Glide branding) on a App you created for someone else. Once you have it in PRO status you can use visbility functions to maintain what they do and do not see regarding if they have paid their monthly payment. If the app is only being used by a few ppl I would opt for the Glide plan with email whitelist, it makes this “blocking out” much easier since you can just click delete on the email address until they pay you. I did consulting and managing in the restaurant industry for 20 years, I built apps for quite a few companies (mostly training and inventory but not in Glide) and I can say that gauging the price you put on your app is almost as important as the presentation, too little they may think it has issues, too much can send the wrong message.

If you are in the US and you are not in a Major city like Dallas, New York, LA, Chicago, etc. A Inventory app for 1 location will run the average restaurant between $150 and $400 a month. If it is a all in one app, it provides you with inventory management, par lists, recommended inventory ordering, prep sheets, time clock, etc. Then your looking at anywhere from $600 to $1000 a month. In larger cities it really varies on what kind of restaurant your looking at, how expensive it is to eat there, things of that nature, they will have a larger budget but expect a much more polished product on your end.
When I would discuss applications for different processes I would compare what they currently used for said process and undercut it by 15%, granted I was already in the door and I was honestly going to build the application regardless to ensure they follow the procedures I implemented, but when it comes to pitching your app to someone just make sure you know every reason why they would say no, and every reason for them to say yes.

Hi, if i have 1 pro account can i create multiple app for multiple restaurants?
is there a limit? I am creating QR menu, then want to add the functionality of placing order with customer name/mobile no, then pushing this to the POS computer and then to the kitchen monitor.
when kitchen accept the order will be showed in a TV display, where customer can view their wait time.
I do not need to add payment now.

is this all possible via glide?

Each app needs it’s own pro subscription.

Anything is possible with glide. The hardest part might be might be to figure out how to integrate with an existing POS system. Just start building and see how far you get.


You can design the app to display different restaurants depending on the logins. Using visibility features you can build it in that manner. So you can use 1 app to display as many resutarants as you need.

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thank you quite interesting idea… i will try