Restaurant app with gift cards

Hey guys,
Wanted to show you all an app I just finished for a customer.

We added gift cards using Stripe’s integration, which is the immediate first objective of the app during this (very) critical season.

The idea is to eventually evolve to a (kinda) fully fledged order-from-home app.


Looks really good. Just an FYI, a lot of the restaurants in your tile list in the first page have broken web links, and possibly some of the social media links as well.

Thanks Jeff!
Customer added that info but will jump in right away.


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Love the app Jesús
Stripe fees in addition to Glide ones, takes a lot of percentage of the margin. Depending on the product it is impossible to justify and consequently use this feature. It ok for online courses or coaching sessions where that margin is high.

I don’t know.
Cost of doing business.

What percentage represents overhead, rent, employees, etc?

I’m sure it’s more than 2% Glide.

Then you add banks commission or Stripe.

Not that different.


The button “compra segura” is that a special button or just an url. I haven’t played with stripe really. I just want to let the user buy directly from the shop. I understood we would need stripe connect to do that. Thx

It is the stripe button component.
In this case, there’s no shopping cart.

In this other case, there is a shopping cart



Hi Jesus,

Nice work!

When you say it’s “the Stripe button component” you mean the Stripe integration through Glide components?

Or do you mean that you are using the Stripe button embed independently? (Without using the Glide integration)


I’m referring to Glides Stripe integration.


Thank you for the clarification Jesus :slight_smile:

This is an awesome app Jesus!

Unfortunately I can’t read Spanish so Can you please help me understand if this is a gift card app for 1 restaurant only or is this for multiple restaurants ?

Thanks man
It’s for only 1 restaurant.

This restaurant asked for their own app.


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Good ncches, friend, Mario from Colombia, I have seen your application and I congratulate you, I am currently developing one for my sister who has a makeup store, the products are added to the cart but only those that I can make in a minute are displayed If I let two minutes pass and I add another product, it does not show me, I must confirm the first order and so the next product shows me. Could you give me a hand so that it is like yours that all orders regardless of time appear in the cart .

Hola Mario.
Están usando Stripe para cobrar?

no, just that the order is saved by the administrator, then I can see it and send the payment, payment on delivery

1.- Please share your app’s link.
2.- Since you’re not using Stripe, how are you filling out the orders? With forms?