Shopping cart without stripe

Hi. I would like to know if you can use the shopping cart without stripe. That is, do not use the payment platform, since in Argentina it is not available.


You would have to build your own. A Form Component would be used to load items to a sheet, then a Tab would be set up to display all the items based on the logged in user.

Of course I understand. But the shopping cart functionality has less click to load the products, it is simpler. Thank you as well.

You could create a button with a Zapier action to write to a sheet, but I don’t see any option to include the signed in user’s email. A form button would be my only other suggestion as well.

Hi… I just made a simple order system without using stripe. Hope you can check it out


@Rizal_Azalli That looks good! Thanks for sharing.

Everybody can copy my apps… Please let me know if you can make it better.
Sharing is carring


Thanks, hope you can make it better. You can copy my apps…

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Hello! Thank you very much for sharing. It’s very good, but I already have something similar.
I saw it in a tutorial on a channel in Brazil, I pass the link if it works.

What I’m looking for is to reduce the amount of click. The shopping cart does it in less time, so I asked if it was possible to use it without the payment platform.

Yes, it same as me to reduce the step but i’m feel that it’s difficult to do that. I hope someone can share their knowledge to make it happen.

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@Mariano_Betta What payment platform can you use in Argentina?

Thanks for answering. Paypal I think it works. Regards.-

Would you mind voting for it in our Feature Requests app?


Paypal checkout would be great, to allow direct payment to sellers. I don’t expect to give them back their money :wink:

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Thank you, now I am going to vote.
My query was really to know if you can use the shopping cart functionality, without payment platform. That is, only orders.

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Hola @Mariano_Betta

Take a look at my demo Pizzeria APP to have an idea what you should do when the Buy Button isn’t available or you want to use another way to create/send orders different to a shopping cart

The Ordernes section is where you need to go after you have seen your favorite dish(es) from menu. There, you can create a new order and report you payment (no pay because the APP desn’t have any way to charge your operation via Stripe, Paypal, Visa, etc)

I agree with you and others in the fact to have the Buy button available if an APP doesn’t use Stripe service or when we want to create a simple shopping chart without a payment system tied to it. A lot of work would be saved with this improvement.


Saludos a todos

Hola @gvalero thank you very much for the contribution, the app is very nice!
I would like to have a shopping cart without payments. Also be able to enter only positive numbers, otherwise we must use choice. How did you do the “Your account is for” part? With an IF / THEN / ELSE in the DATA EDITOR?

Hola de nuevo @Mariano_Betta

The trick can be made using:

  • Template feature in Data Editor
  • in Google Sheet (my choice)

In both cases, you must use Markdown syntax to get it. This is how my cell looks like


Saludos, te cuidas!



Very good contribution! thanks again @gvalero!

Hello, I congratulate you on your application. I copied it and I’m working on it. I’ll send you a copy later.
Is there a way to get the currency in which it is configured?
I am in Argentina and our currency is the Argentine peso.
thank you very much for the contribution and congratulations