Shopping cart without stripe

@Tuttografica you can change the units in the data editor to whatever you want.

Thank you very much for the quick answer. I am new and despite having read many tutorials and videos there are still things that I do not understand.

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Hi Rizal. Your app is great! Thank you so much. I’ll try to customize it for a restaurant here. Hope I can manage the “Order” feature. And add several items to the cart".

Keep you posted. Thanks a lot for sharing.


Hi Riizal. I understood my issue. I don’t want people to be compelled to sign in to access to the app. I want them to give their email to validate their order. How can I manage this, please. Thanks a lot. I’m also quite novice — my field is webmarketing and SEO. But I’ve been helping a neighbours to save their businesses for weeks now. And they have no big means to buy readymade solutions, and have very low technical competencies. This is why I choosed Glide. Thanks a lot again. Muriel

Sorry if I don’t catch it right, but if you want them to give their email, just add an additional field to the form.

Usually, with the public with sign-in apps, that is handle natively with a “user’s email” component that points directly to the email column, saving the user the time to input their email. Tradeoffs, I guess.

Hi Thinh. This is what I tried but then I have the issue with a multiple order. I want them to be able to adding several items to their order and then only to validate their order with their email. And I fail to implement this.