A new home for Glide Feature Requests

Hey Gliders, :dancer:t4::blush:

We have a new home for feature requests! https://features.staging.glideapp.io.

In this app you can vote & comment on existing feature requests and add new suggestions.

You can still discuss feature requests in the #feature-requests category of this forum, but these will not be voted on by other users.

As always, thanks for your contributions and enthusiasm for Glide. :blush:


Thatโ€™s cool! :fire:

Is this page built with Glide? If so, how did you go full screen with it?

@jrw this is a new feature currently in staging - we are going to release it at some point. Glide apps will automatically move to this layout when a larger screen width is detected.


@JackVaughan consider to sort by newest as a possibility in the feature requests. It will help browsing all the requests - already quite a few

Default newest and optional tab: most popular

@JackVaughan Can we add a favorites component to this list so we can track the ones that are meaningful to us without having to scroll through a random list to find it again?


@JackVaughan, this app would be really useful for me to get feedback on my own projects. I was just asking some people yesterday what they used to track feature requests. Could you share this as a template?


@Robert_Petitto & @Krivo great suggestions, adding now.

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@marcus absolutely! We were thinking about doing this soon.

Tricky thing right now is that there are two apps - an admin app & then the app you see. We hope that Glide will soon have the capabilities so that we can build it all in one app.

Happy to help you with this privately for now - just dm me and we can setup a call - or if there are other people particularly interested in this Iโ€™ll make a video.


please make the video!

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Really excited for the full screen option!

Yes for the video

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Toggling between favorites and all in desktop mode gives me white screen.

Love the feature request app.

Reporting a bug with it.

Just tired to get back in and it wonโ€™t open. Opens and shows a wheel for progress, then easy signing in, and then keeps repeating. I tried close it and reopen and go the same issue.


Can we move the โ€œmake a suggestionโ€ button to the the top? Now that my feature request list is so long, scrolling to the bottom of the list to make a new suggestion is a tad inconvenient.


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Most of them seem fine for me unless I misunderstand. Send a screenshot?


Hahaha :joy: I misunderstood you - apologies.

Sure will do! Thanks for all the suggestions!