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Okay, I know we can make them here or in the app - but @mark or @david which is more effective and gets more noticed by Glide team? Also, how do I provide a link from app feature request to post here? I just tried and couldn’t get it sorted. :relaxed: Also, in the app I cannot see who requested or date of request when I “search” to ensure I’m not making a duplicate request. Does a comment put it back on top? I hope so…

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Hi, I believe this says it all.

Hey Gliders, :dancer:t4::blush:

“We have a new home for feature requests! https://features.staging.glideapp.io .

In this app you can vote & comment on existing feature requests and add new suggestions.

You can still discuss feature requests in the #feature-requests category of this forum, but these will not be voted on by other users.

As always, thanks for your contributions and enthusiasm for Glide. :blush:

Sure the glide team take note of feature requests either on this community forum and with in the dedicated app.

The votes on the app will show and evidence the need to possibly spend time and resources developing each feature.

Voting also goes some way to highlight a need by ‘many’ not by ‘few’ when it actually comes to needing or wanting a particular feature.

I would imagine the team are pretty up against it what with all the existing feature request.

I even notice today @Jason highlighted they are working on a prototype of deep linking so lots going on, as you know.

Love your passion btw

Hi Jason! I read this, but the thing is that people continue to post a lot here and when I go to the app, it seems to have less activity. So I am posting here and there! :innocent: In particular, since voting makes a difference, it would perhaps make more sense to consolidate. I’m just throwing it out there! In any event, how can I put a link to the app feature request? That’s what I really want to do…

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Ahh now that is where I believe ‘deep linking’ will help :slight_smile:

All these great things will be possible in the end, I’m sure. We must be patient.

If i was you just mention that you have added a request to the app. Tell people what it’s called, embed a screen shot and tell/convince others why they should vote on it. Just need a little persuasion and clear reason why it’s needed.

Often these great ideas are in our head and we can clearly see why they should be implemented but to some of us (including me) I often don’t actually get why a particular feature would be useful without a clear user case, then it’s like “oh yeah that would be cool, I want that too so I’m gonna vote”

Anyway enough from me

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Adding to Deena’s input , here’s a proposed design what’s been requested

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Great advice. Thank you! Agree about patience. We are all so excited and passionate about Glide!

Well! Thank you! This is really the utmost in terms of showing the execution of a request! May I share this on my other thread?


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Very much so, I have never experienced such a willing and helpful team as glide. They really listen to us and want us and them to be successful. Together we are all helping each other in building out this wonderful and empowering tool, long may it continue.

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@Deena @JackVaughan have told us to use the feature request app and I have put in a few. But the newest feature request is from May 5th meaning three months old. Favorites has been cleared at least once and the feature request text has been messed a bit up from when I proposed a feature.

So if you are unsure where to post I do understand you

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My observation as well! Hoping glide team will take a look at this thread and reconsider how to best encourage, collect, and allow traction on requests!

Yep, we are behind.

As you probably know, we’re still a small team. Feature requests come in at quite a rate :wink:

We’ll try to improve this process.


Don’t mind thing sitting for a bit at all - makes sense. If we could see the dates for all of the requests, especially when filtering, that would be great! Thank you!


Ok - caught up. Also added a new ‘categories’ tab to help you sort through the different types of requests.


Much improved-and now everything has a date, thank you! :blush:

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@JackVaughan the sorting using inline sorting isn’t working correctly. Latest not shown as latest.

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Thanks, should be fixed now.

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Confirmed it now works

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Hi @JackVaughan - this looks great. Some suggestions/observations, if I may:

  • Shipped tab - A date would be a plus.
  • Add a “planned” tab?
  • 5 shipped features with 1 vote total - are these added after being shipped? Can’t imagine that’s indicative of high value/urgency.

For feature requests and tracking, we’re in need of a single source of truth.

A decent number of posts regularly get tagged #feature-requests and I suspect the existence of this app is unknown to most folks on the forum. Absent of a “could you please add this to our feature req app?” autoresponder, there needs to be a concerted effort to drive attention to it.

It’s hard to distinguish between, and therefore assign appropriate significance to wishlist posts, feature request posts, nest eggs in staging, and Glide’s official (quarterly?) roadmap items, etc.

With no exception, every tool I use has a public roadmap I consult frequently to make business decisions. I know what’s coming and what’s on the back burner based on predictable updates and progress I can monitor. Use of a Glide app for this makes product sense — doesn’t have to be a Trello or Canny board. It does need to be accessible and actively maintained.

I have shelved a Glide app and suspended PRO subscriptions until certain features are supported and/or improved. I make time to “check in” to see if there are developments which might change the direction of those projects. But it’s time-consuming and inefficient.

I have to believe Glide’s overall aim is to augment its set of robust features so users are less reliant on a mishmash of clever workarounds. Along the way, it would be helpful to leverage your communication channels (video?) to outline and share what the definitive protocol is for feature requests to increase confidence and buy-in.

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