Feature Requests on this forum!

Hey everyone

As you know, we’ve had a dedicated feature requests app for a long time https://features.staging.glideapp.io/

The ideas/comments/contributions from you all to that app has been continually inspiring to us and we’ve shipped many of the features you asked for :rocket::rocket::rocket:

However, as much as we would love to have feature requests in a Glide App – many of you have been asking for the feature requests to be more unified with this forum. So, as of today, we are now moving feature requests to an upvoting system in this forum. In the Feature Requests category, you’ll now see a vote button on each post.

Please note that you’ll have a limited amount of votes, so use them wisely.

We’ll be keeping the old app open indefinitely for reference. I’ve also made the text of each entry copyable and when you click on an image it will open in a new window – so if you want to migrate any feature requests you had there to this forum, please do.


Having feature requests on the forum like this will mean that it won’t be as neat as Mark & I kept it in the app – and there may be some duplication. In the long term, this won’t matter too much – but if you see problems arising then let me know.

We would love some volunteer moderators to help close/merge/re-title feature request posts. Please let me know if you’re interested in helping us with this and I’ll make sure you have the correct admin rights.


Visually speaking, that’s easier and better to see how it going. Amazing!



Yes, finally!



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Hooray! This is great

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How many votes do Regulars get? Does it reset each month/week?

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You’ll have to find out… :wink:you can always remove your vote and add it to something else.

They don’t re-set. These are your only votes.


It’s not that many - I’ve almost used all of mine already! :scream:


If an item/request has been added do we get that vote back since its no longer a request and now a reality?


Hello, @JackVaughan
Uhmm 5 votes that’s a bit fair, considering the number of ideas for improvements !!!
It’s a shame because the idea of ​​votes on the forum is excellent


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Looks like you can remove a vote after you’ve added it, so pick your top must have feature requests, then once glide accepts it and programs for it, you can take your vote back and apply it to a different feature request. A lot of feature requests are nice, but I’m personally only going to vote on the ones I absolutely need. I’m guessing, otherwise, some people might vote for something whether they need it or not, which would probably throw off the importance and priorization of feature requests.


I think the whole point of limiting the votes is just to make sure we prioritize the features we’re backing. It’s harder to see what people really want if you can just vote for as many things as you want. The limit will force you to be more thoughtful in what you’re asking for.

@Jeff_Hager 's suggestion to remove a vote once its created is perfect. If you don’t get it back automatically, that feature doesn’t need your vote once it’s been implemented.


Is it possible to sort the feature request thread alfabetically?

Or by number of votes?

Just click here:

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I like this change. Thanks for making it more accessible!

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