More Votes Available for Feature Requests

I understand the logic behind limiting the number of votes that each user can apply to feature requests, but 5 votes is a very small number, especially for those that really dig into the features of Glide.

There are many great feature requests that I would like to add my support to, but can’t due to the low limit.

I would prefer a time-based limitation (1-3 votes/month for example) or just to add more than 5 (maybe 10 would be a more reasonable number). Or maybe the number of feature requests could be related to time spent interacting on the forums, with those that are designated as Regulars receiving additional votes.

I realize the irony of using one of my feature requests to complain about the low limit on the number of feature requests, but oh well. I want to use one of my 5 wishes to wish for more wishes…

+1 – I would also like to see the ability to upvote a feature request in a subsequent month if it still has not been addressed. I know how my todo list is handled internally; I react to the things that the most people are after, but if the request is repeated a few weeks later by multiple people, it’s going to be bumped up in priority.