A better way to keep track of feature requests

Since the feature requests moved into the forum a few months ago, there’s been a lot of topic duplication due to poor / inconsistent / confusing naming conventions as well as (unfortunately) users unwilling to search for a similar topic before posting their idea (ex: I posted a topic two months ago and someone posted the same topic this morning but mine was buried and now there are 3 votes between two topics that are exactly the same).

Maybe the top 10-15 requests (based on most total votes) could be pinned to the top of the Feature Request forum and the rest would be in a sub-forum until they reach a certain number of votes, then they get “promoted”…? Obviously, this is just a suggestion and might not even be feasible but I’m trying to come with a potential solution and not just point out the problem :man_shrugging:

It doesn’t do any good to have 2-3 topics with the same request, splitting votes, when the number of votes could be maximized by ensuring that there’s no duplication. Am I off on this or would this be helpful?

This is exactly why we have Community Moderators :slightly_smiling_face:
Can you point out the two posts involved please?

Thanks for pointing out your thoughts. What I recommend you (an anyone facing the same situation) is to flag :checkered_flag: any duplicate topics.

While we try to check for any duplicate feature requests whenever a new one is posted we may miss some of them. Your help is appreciated!

Hey Darren - I just sent them to you in a DM. Thank you!