[UPDATED] Buffalo Burger 🍔

Awesome app! I’m developing a pickup app similar to this and will use this for inspiration. Adding product items is the trickiest part for me.

Great job!

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Hi Lucas. I’m doing something similar for a client. With your Order ID …what happens when a user starts the order at 8:58 and ends the order at 9:09? Since there’re two “hours” does your app see it as two orders?

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Well done @Lucas_Pires it’s just great.

There is just one issue: I ordered my burger a long time ago, but it’s still not at home :slight_smile:


Hey Robert!

Glad to know that :fire:

Well, I’m not using formulas in gsheets, I set up everything in data with this tip below from our master @Jeff_Hager

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:rofl::rofl: I’ve rented a drone to deliver you asap
Thanks for choosing us! Lol


I can help you with this.

hi there, thats a great app
where is order page and how do u show order summary of multiple items ordered? as i am unable to understand the lang.

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may i have a copy of this app? please i need this, or can you teach me how to create a page using password, thanks for sharing

I’ve tried to follow it but I’m still confused where to put it and what components to use. I’m new to this, can you help me with screenshots and how to make them. I really appreciate it