Triggering a WhatsApp Msg

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I am trying to provide users with the option to trigger sending a predefined WhatsApp text message to a doctor requesting to schedule a visitation appointment. The pre-defined text message needs to contain the sender’s name, mobile number & location.
How can I do that?

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I think this is not possible as Glide does not writes in Whatsapp fields. You’d be able to make it happen using email messages.

You can use a button with a WhatsApp link

In the data tab you can use a template column and introduce variables in your link

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Interesting, I didn’t know about this possibility. Googling I found that you have no need of external tools, the format for a prefilled message is (phone number with international prefix without + sign) ?text=urlencodedtext.

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you need an external tool to urlencode your text or learn the %20syntax… or use the WhatsApp link generator I have mentioned above

@Aj2666 and @Gerard_Fernandez, you can just encode the text using the ENCODE formula on google sheets. This way you will be able to use custom templates.

I’ve talked about that on this post:


Thank you @ionamol for the solution and the explanation.

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