Testing the waters to sell my Homeschool App

Hi Glide Peeps,

I created a homeschool showcase app for family and friends to use then decided to create a template for public. I’m posting to get a feel for whether I should sell it or not.

I’ve read the Sell your apps in the Template Store post as well as the guidelines and pricing guide.

Templates for Informal Groups - $49 - Targeted for shared everyday use apps with profiles for families, groups of friends, temporary/emergency use

I don’t know if that’s the right price to put it up at but I’m trying to follow guidelines. It has a mission statement splash page, courses, “radio”, “TV”, gallery, book and film lists and a support link to uTip for either one time educational donations or followers.

Homeschool App Template

Thanks and best of health to all,

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Edit: took down my app.
Thanks to all the viewers.