Pricing plan for multiple app 🤝

I’m just wondering if you guys working on a pricing plan which could allow us to duplicate the same app (layout) but with a different sheet for each of them.

I’m working on a app which provides business key figures for small businesses (revenue, expenses, VAT to declare, balance check…). The layout of the app is the same for all but each business has their own figures in the Google sheet. It’s why you need to duplicate the app as many times as client (businesses) you have. The number of user of each app is limited (owner, accountant, associates…) so less than five.

I know that it’s possible to do it with the free plan but:

  • As you did and still do a great job, It’s also my own interest that Glide keep doing it in a profitable way.
  • I could (must) ask fees to client to use the custom app and Google sheet, it feels a bit unfair for me to do it for free with Glide.
  • It will be also usefull to have a custom plan with special dedicated features like a master app template where updates can be automatically replicate on all the child app. Let say you have 200 clients and want to add a features or fix a bug for all of them, it sound crazy to do so one by one… I barely know that is impossible to do if you change something in the Google sheet but I talk about small changes in the layout of the master app with no impact in the Google sheet.

What do you think? Is there a way to do it right now in a fair and professional way I mean?

Thank you for your thoughts


I have exactly the same business model than yours. Your questions are also mines. As of today, there’s no answer for the updates replication, so it’s one by one and yes, it will be a nightmare but I understand that in case the gsheet has a major change, the app may be definitively broken.

Also, what I would like to have is a way to create folders and subfolders in the Glide dashboard. That would be a way to separate my apps per customer, and to avoid mixing all apps.

The organization does not help for this app storage purpose, because is linked to a specific business model for Glide.


Added it to this?

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Done! tk u

I like the idea of organizing apps by folders. It’s something I think about when I have to access an app but never got around to making the request. Thanks, @Christophe_HK!

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  • How many people use each app?
  • What do you charge your clients for the app?
  • What if you could create a Glide Org for them, and get a revenue share for their Org subscription?
  • I believe no more than 5 users per app and probably most of time only 1 user per app.

  • Not yet settle, i’m running a beta test period to insure the quality and accuracy of the product. The price wise will be for sure discussed with the beta tester group

  • At the moment i can’t really see the plus value of Glide Org in my case. Let say if one of my client share the app with 10 different people i’ll be charge (8x10=80$) without any possibilities to charge my client back as my business model will be based on a one year subscription for the product. But of course I can also make a pricing depending on the number of user, it could be a way to handle the Glide Org pricing…
    Also, the Glide Org features are not really matching with the spirit of my business model (1app+1gsheet for 1 user). But anyway it could be a way, i’ll think about it.

Tks David!

I’m thinking of a somewhat similar model. I’m looking at building an aggregator for personal finance.

The bulk of the content in the spreadsheet would be common (the content), but I also want to have localised apps with localised content. Also the users would have the ability to ‘subscribe’ to certain content which would create a more personalised experience for them.

In the ideal world, the parent app would be linked to the master sheet be responsible for the app layout. Then the ‘child apps’ would be able to build off the parent and become the public app that gets used.

It’d also be amazing if I can push out updates on the master app and have the child apps able to retain their parts.

I run like this. Actually an interview just got published by NoCodeMBA:

A very cheap fee for an app in Glide’s domain, and a higher fee for PRO pps, with Glide’s pro version included.
I had 10 customers and over 450 hotel/airbnb rooms using the app before COVID hit and ppl stopped travelling. I’ve been subsidizing 100% of the apps since March.

I see the opportunity here. Every change, I had to manually update every single app.
I wanted to grow a little more before hiring a VA and teaching him/her how to update every app.
I love that I’m not the only one doing this.

Answering @david’s questions, in my case:
1.- We have customers’ customers using apps from 100 users per month, to 1-5.
2.- I charge $18 a month for a free glideapp, and $68 a month for a pro Glideapp (I pay for the glide license myself) and it also has a lot more addons, priority support, it connects to their CMS or ERP through Integromat, etc etc.
3.- I haven’t used ORG’s a lot… So I don’t feel confident answering this question.


@eltintero smart idea! Yes we are struggling with the same business model. I’m still thinking of the best way to do it but still no idea…I can’t imagine to have to update every single app to every single client.

I always figured if I got the volume, I’d get an assistant to update all the google sheets.

If you need to update the gsheet, you can use scripting to get umsheets updating ane mmd synchronizing quite smoothly and automatically. The only problem will be if you need to change the app architecture, you’ll have to do it for each app since lot of data are or could be stored in the app itself, with no export.
The price is also too high when you need 2 apps, one for public and one for admin, there’s no business model able to cope with nearly 60$ for Glide only, knowing that you have to add for other tools such as zapier or airtable, and the amount of requests is quite high. Using Adalo you pay 50/mo for unlimited apps (native ios, native Android, web apps and desktop apps, custom domains, app DB export, apps duplication, public and authenticated mode managed with sign in / sign out / forget password and logout, flexible UI, image transfo included, operational Webview and modal, custom actions and external API - fantastic, can efficiently replace zapier & co and so avoid additional $). In 6 or 12 months glide could be at the same level and usable for business purpose.

Crossing fingers, I paid for a 1 year plan with the discount code, few weeks ago, but don’t use it for its initial goal because I simply can’t make anything with. At least I built an app for my wife, a shopping list, she’s happy with it.

Come on Glide, put the priority on the sell-able features :slightly_smiling_face:

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