Selling your App

I would be happy to receive advice on selling my Glide App.

  • I would like every App sold to be sent with a unique new Google sheet (I don’t want users sharing the same sheet).

Is this possible by simply duplicating the app and linking to a new sheet?

  • If I upgrade the pricing plan for the web app, will the ‘App copies’ that I sell also be designated Pro status?

Many thanks for your help.


You can sell your app through the Template Store. That automatically makes copies for each user. They would have pay for their own Pro Plan to get the full features out of the app.

Plans are for single apps only. If apps are duplicated they need their own separate pro plan.


But the template store is not a great place to sell. I want to have my own dedicated website with a pricing plan that I decide.

I effectively want to disconnect from the Glide branding and have my own product that runs via Glide in the background. Isn’t that possible?

If you sell your app in that manner then you receive no residual income and someone who doesn’t know what they are doing could access the sheets and accidentally delete a formula then they are up a creek without a paddle. There are other services that offer no code options with this feature but you dont have the ease of your data existing within spreadsheets.

I’d say it’s possible. Not as an out of the box solution, but with some manual work, you can duplicate your app, pay for each upgrade to Pro, and create your own billing procedures to bill your customers as needed.


Thanks for the reply. However, how could they possibly access the Sheet? I would just sell a link to the web app…

Thanks Jeff.

Yes, it would take some manual work for each sale but why would each App need to be upgraded to Pro? If it is sold with a limited lifetime, e.g. 1000 sheet edits then I guess it would be fine.

It’s my strong conviction that whilst I adore Glide Apps, it’s a barrier to most end users. They really do not want to learn it in order to use an App they have purchased.

Short answer is that each pro app needs it’s own pro subscription if you need pro features. A pro subscription only covers one app. Not multiple apps. If you don’t need the pro features, then you can stick with the free version.

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But your wanting everyone to have their own and thats the only way is through a template.Or as Jeff said some manual setup time and time again. You would be building onto the app everytime.


Agree - thanks for the responses.

Thanks Jeff. Once again, very helpful.

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I figured a nice way to rebill your clients for Glide and everything so that they don’t actually have to create a glide account themselves… it’s called AppBind, check it out here: