Can I sell the app

is it ok to sell the app?

I made an app and have interested customers, is it ok to help them get setup with it and they pay me for that work

i’m on free plan rn, but as we scale we’ll have to pay for additional “projects”

Yes, you can sell your app and help customers get setup with it. However, if you plan to scale your app, you may need to upgrade to a paid plan to accommodate additional projects. Glide Docs • General FAQs

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I assume you mean you have some sort of a template and will sell duplicates of that template to your customers. It’s fine to do so.

However, please note that when you want to add a feature to those apps that you have sold, then you have to do those individually for each app.



is there a way to dynamicaly change sheet based on roles in the app, so that I don’t hv to sell duplicates?

No, you can only connect one google worksheet at a time. If you want to utilize one sheet, but keep the data secure, you can always use Role and Row Owner functionality. All data will still be in the same sheet, but only data owned by the company or individual users will be downloaded to each user’s device.


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