Creating premium access in your app

Watching the Insiders rebuild… love it. However, Question about people buying premium access to items. How do they get access to the app and the ability to buy? I thought you couldn’t sell glide made apps, only templates?

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Hey Robert. I see this. But I thought you couldn’t sell an app. Only the template. I’d love to take my app and let people use it and have a premium upgrade but I thought it was gainer the rules of using glide apps?

You can certainly use your app for commercial purposes. Be sure to get a pro app, though, to provide security to your users.

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So the solution is to get pro app and then sell or give the app to people. Do they also need to be a part of glide? I guess I’m just confused as to how to go about it. I have to do a bit of a rebuild for security and clean up the glide forms. But excited about that adventure

Hi @dmcrabby , depending on how you might monetize your app, the person you are selling to might or might not need to have a Glide account.

  1. Selling a finalized app or Glide template to an app builder: probably needs a Glide account to make changes to the template/app.
  2. Selling a premium app or premium content to the end user: the end user doesn’t need a Glide account nor to know your app was built on Glide. Imagine going to a website: you don’t need to know what the website or web app was built on to use it.

You might find the following posts useful to help you monetize your work:

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Thank you! I will be checking out these links. Furthermore, when I create a premium app using a pro account and sell to an end user, then data still resides in a google sheet or the glide columns?

The data will be like what you have in your original app. What is in the Spreadheet will be copied over to a new Spreadsheet (except scripts), what is in Glide (computed columns) will also be copied over.

Glide-generated sheets like App: Logins, Comments & Sales won’t be copied.