Monetizing the apps

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What are the ways to monetize the apps? If someone buys the app, can they copy and share it with others?

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Good question.
To me at this time, buying only the template is not enough. I am more interested in buying an app for its content and how it is structured. The templates otherwise are Too expensive to me.


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On the issue of monetisation I would say it all depends on you and what you want Glide to do for you.

  1. If you have a brilliant concept, bring it to life using all the available glide tools and sell via template store.
  2. As in one above but you go pro and start making a handsome return on your investment. Say it’s a course app. You can set up subscription packages and what not.
  3. Too busy to build an app ? Template store is full to the brim with great money making apps. Buy a template you like, go pro and start monetising. You might be thinking of a restaurant app, car app, booking app, grocery store app, finance app, law app, course app etc. Checkout the store.
  4. Buy a template, modify it slightly and start selling it to others.
  5. I can carry on …

Ultimately of course success will depend on consumer want and demand.

Adding more to @Wiz.Wazeer’s input:


Thank you for this :blush:

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No, they can’t.
It’s against Glide’s ToS.

This is already in the terms and conditions.

Glide hereby grants Template User a nonexclusive, revocable, limited, personal license to use such Shared Template solely on the Service to build and provide applications to Template Users’ end users via the Service. Except for the foregoing express licenses, (x) Template User shall have no other right to use or otherwise exploit any Shared Template, and (y) Template User may not resell or otherwise relicense any Shared Template (including via the Template Store).


Oh I didn’t see this. Thanks for this @sardamit. I was always under the wrong impression.

No problem. I received a similar question from somebody who was looking to purchase one of my templates and resell it. I posed this question to David and this was his response. :slight_smile:

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Now I can sue a few ppl😂


Funnily enough I have been telling my own clients to do what they want to with their temp. I have to tell them to be careful from now on. Need to add this on our templates too, even though I know in the real world they will just copy and sell.

Taking back my words on things I am not an expert on, in case somebody doesn’t get the joke. :stuck_out_tongue:

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On this topic, if you want to use Glide to run a SaaS type business, how would you sell individual instances of your app without needing to manually setup each new subscribing user as an organization? I can see doing manual if your app is for larger organizations and you have a longer term sales process for each, but if you are trying to do direct sales or free trial/tier to sales at a consumer level, how would Glide work for that common model?

Related: could you use Glide to build an app that each individual customer of your app could embed in their own website to add functionality?

Thanks everyone for your responses. I still trying to understand how I can monetize if I build an app using Glide. Just like how Apk files of apps are available to slide load. If a user who has paid for app, would they get an option like copy the template or in any way able to share it. Can someone throw some light on the user side once they purchase a template.

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This Q has been answered by @sardamit above. If you want as purchaser of (say) one my templates to be able to share (yes), but you cannot re-sell. All you get is a non-exclusive (meaning as everyone else) license to use the app,.You could possibly get away with making a single copy provided you can offer solid grounds by way of excuse such as “a” backup copy being kept on your Glide dashboard (not on your friend’s dashboard). You can obviously share the app (not being able to share would defeat the whole the purpose of the transaction and exercise). But what you cannot then do is let the person(s) you shared the purchased app with also make a copy. That would be a clear breach of Glide T&C. This developer protection allows me build apps safe in the knowledge that I would be able to sell more copies of my app to others (not only you). If you were to make a copy of my app temp and resell to others, I would soon be out of business (though there is a way round this, but it maybe too technical to follow, so we keep it simple for now).The only other way you will be able to re-sell the same app is if you completely changed the design and structure (not necessarily use case or functionalities), renamed it, got approval from template store to sell as its author. But in the latter case, it would not be the same app (lets call it a “borderline clone”)!