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Hello everyone.
Got a question. After purchasing a template on the “Glide Templates”, will the option to copy this application be available? In other words, am I buying only one copy, or will I be able to make several applications based on the template?

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You can do whatever you want, it is yours

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If so, it doesn’t look very good from the seller’s point of view. To my mind

I believe any app built from a template cannot be submitted to the template store. I’m not positive regarding the Copy function, but I believe that becomes disabled as well.

Glide does try to prevent user from reselling your template as their own.

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I mean that the application bought in the “Templates store”, in my opinion, should be protected from repeated copying, regardless of whether it is put on the “Templates store”, or just a few more applications will be made based on it. This does not negate the fact that after the purchase you can manually copy all the functionality, but it will be a choice to waste your time or buy another template. It will be fair. Perhaps this is the case now (that’s why I’m asking the question), I have not bought applications and I do not know if there is a restriction on copying. Anyway, free templates can be copied again, this option is not disabled.

I haven’t purchased any templates or submitted any templates to the store, so I’m not sure how all of that is structured. But in my opinion, I think once you purchase the rights to a template, you should be able to use it as many times as you want or need within the same account. You’re paying for the concept of the app with the ability to modify it as needed for your use. What if you copied a template, heavily modified it, but then decided to scrap the project and start over? Would you expect to pay for the same template again? I see it as purchasing a template to use and modify how you see fit. Not purchasing a single license to simply use the app as is. I may be wrong, but I feel that most software works that way. Once you purchase a template or addon for that software, you can use it for any number of projects.


You yourself can duplicate a template that you bought, but you cannot allow others to copy it.


Thanks @Robert_Petitto , now it’s clear

This is not the case. You can read more in our terms of service: Terms of Service • Glide

Some notes:

  • You can make as many copies as you want
  • You cannot re-sell templates in the Template Store
  • You cannot make them publicly copyable
  • You cannot move them between teams

One thing of note to what David said. The free Glide created Templates can be shared with others, they do not have the same restrictions as the other Templates.