Working with Developers and Selling Apps

Hi - I’m new to Glide Apps and certainly don’t have app development experience but would like to make an app that I can sell for a few dollars (maybe $5). My questions are,

1 - If I am going to hire someone else to create an app for me, are there any recommendations as to how I should approach this process knowing that I want to sell it on the Glide App store and/or my website? In other words, should I have the app started in my account and add the developer to my account as a member of my “team”? Or is it fine if they create the app in their account?

2 - How do you submit an app to the template store? I couldn’t find any dedicated submission or info page. Or is it a button or page that will appear inside of the app development page itself?

3 - Since anyone can download a template, is there any way to prevent others from reselling a template you made? I’d like to believe having an incredibly low price point would make this less of a concern but I can also, unfortunately, see someone downloading it and selling it for 10x as a premium app with one simple adjustment.

And @david, great work with this app so far!

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I believe apps from templates are not copyable and users won’t be able to submit it as a new template.


Thank you!

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Got it. Thank you!

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Does anyone have any feedback on my first question?!? :thinking:

Either way can work, but it’s cleaner if it’s done in your (the customers) account from the start.
If I’m building an app for a customer, I generally prefer that it’s all done in their account.
But it depends. If there’s going to be an ongoing maintenance agreement and they aren’t particularly concerned about me having access to their data, then sometimes it can make sense to do it my account. It’s not too much trouble to transfer things later, if/when that becomes necessary.


it depends on the time and budget… and is up to you how you wanna do it, team account, or transfer template.


Thank you! This is kind of aligned with my initial thoughts. Much appreciated.