Selling templates outside of template store


I build a template that i think would really fill a demand. When talking with people they say it will probably be worth more money then is possible to ask for when selling on the template store of glide itself. Is it posible to sell a template to people outside of the template store? Are people doing this already? Could I get into legal trouble for doing this? I tried finding this out in the legal tab on glides website, but couldn’t find it…

Thank you for your time! I hope I am not being rude here…

edit: just got message from glide suport that it is possible, still i am curious about how people are handeling this. Is there someone who could tell me more about this?

You can find your customers, let them preview the app and if they like it, pay you first, you let them copy it back. As Glide supports said, you’re free to do so.