Sheet Edits Quota—1000 per month?

What in the world? :unamused:


Sorry Glide, but I can’t recommend Glide on my channel or anyone else after that … it’s the end of Glide for me. Bad! :unamused:


Most apps will not be affected by this and we will have some exciting updates about data soon…

Apps that reload too often can cost us as much or more than a Pro subscription. We’re working on another data source that’s less expensive for us than reading from your Google Sheet, which is our major cost.


Pins and Needles!



Okay okay…I missed the line in the documentation about 1000 sheet edits per month—I thought it was 1000 edits PERIOD.


It’s monthly, we will make that clearer.

Even apps with frequent use–20 employees using an app all day–should still be under 1k sheet edits per month, depending on how the app works, of course.

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What about a classroom setting with a teacher and his/her 150 students reporting a daily checkin or reading log submission or challenge completion?


You will quickly go over 1,000 edits.

We’ll think about this use case with our new backend option. How important is it to you that these changes are actually in a Google Sheet, versus living just in the Data Editor, for example?


Also, an app that 150 students use every day to log their work costs us at least as much as a Pro subscription—please get your school to pay! :wink:


For ME, not terribly important. But I’m also well-versed in the Data Editor. Other novice users/teachers, Google Sheets IS their entry point and their comfort zone. They might want to have the data there for readability, exporting, reports, etc.


Make it a boost and I’ll advertise it :wink:

Need a “education” boost package…500+ rows, 10,000 sheet edits, whitelist and ICONS :slight_smile:


We also have a referral program coming… At first it will just earn you more rows, but maybe we can do sheet edits too…


who uses the CHOICE tool, will be one of the most affected. every time the button is pressed it will consume 1 edition.

they could leave the apps already built out of this update, or at least some time to adapt to this change. it will change drastically for most users, even limiting our creative process. think about it. :pray:t3:

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Please let me know when you go over the quota —

Book a meeting with me so I can understand your use of Glide.


Got it.

That would be better if showing only for you guys

'Cause this may cause some kinda discomfort for us looking at it reaching 1k

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Without being able to access Google AdSense they just signed the death certificate of my project in Glide with this limitation of writing to Google Sheets.

This is fully understandable from a cost view, but we might need some advices to know where to store the data correctly, how we can still do some scripting (I think about zapier, maybe there are other solutions) and mostly, if we have to rewrite everything asap.
I’m planning to do some charge tests next month but since my app is relying heavily on switches and choices, I might have to rewrite most of it soon.
Again, understandable but heartbreaking.

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Also, is there a way to exclude some columns from being updated? In my app, I do need to give a spreadsheet view of some information to the users (vlookup fonctions), but those data are not used inside glide.