Sheet Edits Quota—1000 per month?

“Sheet Edits” does not limit data being written to the spreadsheet by Glide, it only limits data being read from the spreadsheet back into Glide.

We discussed calling it “Sheet Reloads”, but we thought “Sheet Edits” was more understandable.


Does it count as everything being read by 1 sheet or every line that changes and bounces data back to the app? I submitted a form and it had a 2 count increase. So I am just trying to see if I need to redo everything to 1 sheet or not.

In my app, virtual card of golf scores, the player must enter by means of number entry enter his 18 holes and those of the player, it means that those 36 data do not occupy quota?
When in Glide I do the mathematical operation of adding the scores there if it would count as 1/1000??

Can I be honest?

Prices and Stripe not available in Latin countries are discouraging me even more… :disappointed:

We were unable to achieve great deals because, converting to our currencies + rates, the values are very out of the standard


Because they do not have different prices for Latin people, as prices are very high for us. David think about it, because if it stays that way for Latinos it is impractical to continue using Glide.


Break it down for me. What are you using Glide for?

How “soon” is “soon”. To be fair this doesn’t affect me (price-wise) as all of my planned apps will be Pro and I charge my customers accordingly HOWEVER the ability to remove Google Sheets from the loop and replace with a “proper” data source is just so, so appealing. As an example, I believe that Adalo is inferior to Glide in many ways, however its back-end is significantly “cleaner”.

If you’re making a business by building apps on our Free tier and selling those apps, that’s obviously not a sustainable business for any of us because free apps are actually not free for us to provide. Many people are suggesting that they do this but not talking to us about it.

I’d like to learn more about your use of Glide and what would be a sustainable plan for you to be on.


Exactly, in my case living in Argentina, where we also have exchange restrictions, additional taxes and a situation of enormous incentive about the variations (always up) in the price of the dollar, it makes it impossible for me to offer something where you have to renegotiate the price and pay it.
That is why I insist so much on the incorporation of some advertising platform that allows self-financing at least the project, which I clarify, I started it as a way to spend time in the middle of the quarantine of the Coronavirus.

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For my part I’m using glide for gaming aids in my hobby (tabletop RPG) and I’m not planning to sell anything, on the contrary: my coming app (200 hours of work) shall stay free and being downloadable as a full template.

We’re reluctant to lower our prices to help you sell apps because we talk to people every day who build and sell Glide apps for over $5,000 per app.

You need to find better customers or charge more!


We will have a non-Google Sheet data source for you to try in a month or so.


That would be great. In the meantime, I guess I will do some testing and refactoring!

Actually, I don’t have any marketed product, but I’m inclined to do so, although due to the crisis that we’re facing, the pandemic, we cannot offer a cost where we’ll have to pay for the tool we use, which as I said is right, we have to pay, however when doing this, the values ​​are very high, preventing the sale of the software.

In no way do I want you to break on the contrary, I want you to grow and bring more facilities to everyone.


That’s not our reality here in Brazil… unfortunately. I’d love to charge this amount

Small, medium, or big businesses


@Ed_Pietrzak Could you please share your app where a form submission causes an increase of 2, and tell me where in the app I can find the form? It’s likely this is a bug - it should only increase by 1.

@Marcelo_Rodrigo_Silv. Yes. I do understand this. I may be a little different because of my history and my target audience. I have built and sold software solutions for many years. To me it’s important to understand the value that your software brings to the customer and price accordingly. As such I tend to look for scenarios where I can add value and therefore charge fairly and reasonably. In this respect I believe that Glide is priced ok and allows me to offer value whilst still making a profit.

@david The one area where I think Glide fails in terms of pricing is the typical requirement for an Admin app in many of my scenarios. In order to create this I need another Pro subscription which feels a little unfair. I think the subscription model should allow multiple apps (perhaps just 2 or 3) to access the same data source.


Click on the enter a new catch.

It very well could be how I have the app set up, since I have it feeding a google sheet, that then feeds data pivot tables that then feed that data back to the app.

That being said, I have many tabs in my sheet and I don’t remember what exactly feeds what at this point to try and minimize the interactions to one sheet.

My development is not yet an app to earn money, 20 years ago I programmed mainly in the old C language, which I remember little and nothing. But I was always a better thinker of what the system would have to do than writing the code to do what I thought it had to do, so GLIDE and nocode solutions in general are perfect for me.
I am not looking at GLIDE for my main source of income or by chance, now if you start leaving money, welcome and even more if it is in dollars.
The problem of GLIDE subscription in Argentina is the tax system, we have to add various taxes to the price, I am not going to elaborate much but it would make the price more expensive by 30%.
I live in a 120 acre Country Club that has a 9 hole par 3 golf course, in the USA they are called executive courts. In the club we are 50 members and we participate in an interclub circuit where almost all the clubs have the same number of members and all have golf courses of the same dimensions.
I am the Captain of the golf commission of my club and one of the members of the organizing committee of the circuit, the circuit is friendly, with no intention that the clubs earn money and the members of the committee dedicate time without receiving any financial benefit.
The first application I make is to bring the data of the tournaments of the circuit (10-12 tournaments per year) and I began to make a more extensive development for my Club and almost all the Clubs that play the circuit say I love too.
But the problem as I mentioned is the cost in Argentina, the most important clubs in the country if they use a commercial system with years of existence. This makes a paid system impossible to apply to me. So the solution for me would be as I said in other posts the incorporation of an advertising system to self-finance the project, even saving the tax cost of my country and if there are some dollars left in favor it would be fantastic.
Obviously I am not asking or suggesting that Glide change any of its business plan to be able to be used in Argentina, I only expose the reality. A pro-annual plan here should pay around $ 300 per application (Glide + tax) which is just over the monthly value of a worker’s minimum wage to get an idea.