Business Club app

Hi guys,

Here is a “business club” app I’ve build recently (this is actually a copy of the real one, which is running right now with +100 people in it, and counting).

Feel free to test it !

It’s an email signed only (free version), with a mix of features (directory, instagram, agenda, …),
several “relation”, visibility conditions, inline lists, etc.

As @Eric_Slesinger and @david were asking about “paid template” opportunity, yes I’m totally ok to sell this template (and spend some time to help finetuning it).

Can’t wait to ear about your feedback :slight_smile:


App top, j’adore !

Just for other, easiest way to access your app :

You should maybe remove real people from your app and add john and Jane doe for this future template :wink: (Lot of personal data, including tel number and email address. Not sure these guys would agree to be spammed by gliders :smile:)

Hi @Christophe_HK !

You’r totally right !! my bad :-/
I’ve cleaned up the sheets, tx for the remark !

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@davanac is this available to copy? Would love to see how you’ve made it all work :slight_smile: