Return PDF file to the row in Glide by MAKE

Hello everyone,
I made a digital signature in the application by exporting it by MAKE to PDF.CO combining the image and the PDF file.
I want to return the signed PDF file to the row in Glide; I’m trying to generate a webhook or something similar but can’t. Has anyone done this, and can help me, please?

You cannot pass binary files through the Glide API.
The best you could do is store the PDF somewhere else, and then pass the Public URL to the file back through the API.

@Darren_Murphy is correct. Your Make Scenario should be

Make → → Data Storage of choice [Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, AWS, etc.] → Glide [eg. HTTP → Glide API if using Glide tables)


Thank you.
I intended to upload a file URL using API. Like @Robert_Petitto’s answer

I’m using Glide tables.
How do I do that: Glide HTTP → Glide API if using Glide tables?
Thank you again

Here’s a doc on how to work with the Glide API.

When you access the data view in Glide, right click on a table, you have a “Show API” function and have the code ready.


Just need to configure that on the Make side with the respective fields.


@ThinhDinh Thank you!
Is there any way to Use MAKE instead of Zapier to Trigger API calls?

Do you mean using a module in Make to trigger API calls? That should work with the HTTP module.

If you mean receiving info from Glide, then that would be a webhook module, with the “Trigger Webhook” action inside Glide.

@ThinhDinh I intend to take the file URL from Google Drive using HTTP and put it in the relevant row in Glide.

Then as we have discussed above, use a HTTP module to set that value to the right column and row in Glide. Make sure you have a rowID passed to the scenario so you can reference it later in the API call.

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I used your guide here to setup the HTTP :slight_smile: Thanks!!

I’m stuck with the POST the URL to the relevant line in GLIDE. If there is anyone who can help me figure out how to create the correct code in HTTP (by MAKE) to send an API back to GLIDE to save the URL of the file I want to be linked to the same line

You’re using queryTables, which is not correct. Please use curl > Edit rows in your Glide API data view.


Thanks. One step more :slight_smile:
Now what, please?

Pass the rowID of the row in question in your original “Trigger Webhook” action and replace the ROW-ID part in your screenshot with that value.

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Like that?

In reverse, actually. “rowID”: “the actual value here”.

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That way?

Yes but keep the double quotes around it.

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We did it :slight_smile: Thank you so much!!!

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Glad to hear!