Export Excel spreadsheet through App


One of the spreadsheets in my App is a report, and I need to export this report to some location or send it to email.

Does anyone know any way to do this?


Did you consider using integromat or Zapier ?

I´ve tried Zapier but no success.

Maybe the integromat, but how to do it inside the App ?

Use a webhook

Try with Coupler.io

I will check… This is an App inside de Glide ?

It’s a Glide Action

The general idea is that you configure a webhook in Integromat, then you can post data to that webhook as a result of a button push within Glide. You then configure whatever other bits you need in Integromat to pickup the report and export it.

Here: https://youtu.be/iayOIvW5Kp4

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