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Hi guys,

A bit of a long shot here - but worth a try.

One of my clients has asked me to quote on building an app in Glide to assist with his small accounting business. He works mainly with tradies (plumbers, builders, painters, electricians etc) many of whom are pretty tardy keeping their receipts.

Essentially he is after a solution that has a workflow something like this:

  1. Take photo of receipt
  2. Save to .PDF
  3. Scan .PDF for relevant accounting data
  4. Store data in a Glide form
  5. Store .PDF file
  6. Pass data to our our local Tax Department (IRD) using their already exisiting API

There are lots of apps around to take the photo and save as .PDF. There’s a few really good services for extracting the data and saving it to a form (Taggun is probably the best I’ve seen). Getting the data from Glide to the Tax department via API could be managed through something like Zapier.

My issue is that I want all of this to happen within the Glideapp. I don’t want the user to have to have the photo to .pdf app on their phone - I guess I want an end to end seamless integration.

The app won’t be used for any other accounting function per se - other than perhaps to capture to the form a receipt where there is no physical receipt - i.e. manually entered into the app. That part is easy.

Has anyone had any sort of experience with this type of workflow - or may know of other integrations that give the same result?

Any assistance greatly appreciated.


Havent used it much, but you should explore the new Extract Text from Image column in the GDE. You’ll need a Google Cloud Vision Account to use it.


For a full Make integration, it would be something like: Webhook > CloudConvert > Google Drive to upload PDF file > Google Cloud Vision > HTTP call to update info back to Glide > HTTP call to pass info to the Tax Department.

Though I’m not sure what “store data in a Glide form” means? What “form” do you mean here? A new row?

Sorry for my slow response. Thanks for that - will take a look at that capability in GCV.

Thank you.


Thanks for that. Makes sense.

Might engage you through Lowcode Agency to develop a simple proof of concept for me. Do you have bandwidth at the moment - or super busy like most of us? Russ

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