Taking a picture of a business card and OCR data to contact


I was just curious if there was a picture-taking function that Glide can connect to?

I am mainly using this app for the CRM to build a better mobile contact list. Often times I will get a business card, but sometimes I just get to take a picture of their company ID badge. I want to be able to create a new contact and if they have a card, take and store a picture of it, and then OCR scan the data right into my database. If I can only take a picture of their ID badge, at least get their name, company, and facial picture off of the badge, and I could then manually add the rest.

Hello, according to what I read, what you need is to fill out a form for each client, enter this link, copy this template and modify it to your liking, you can enter from your phone and take a photo and add data from your clients that you can then see in the glide database or from your cell phone whenever you want, HAPPY BEGINNING

I’ve done something similar here:


He needs the images to be OCRed, so it’s more advanced than that.

I also had apps with OCR function in the past, and the variety of inputs made it a huge challenge. Probably you can get the name and the company by OCRing, then analyze the output text and get them, but the “facial picture” is something I have not done before. OCR is character recognition so it should output text, I’m not sure if we have something that can have an image as its output.

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Has anyone figured out a method to get this going? This would be a huge help for CRM help

New OCR / Extract text from image just dropped as well as another “Image Description” integration.



Sweet!!! Thanks for the great work.

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Is there a way to isolate which text it pulls from an image? I would like to take a picture of a restaurant menu and be able to create rows for each dish, where the user no longer needs to manually type in the name, description and price. Would this be possible?

Maybe tells GPT to format it as a JSON structure, and then use the Miracle method to transpose that?


Wow sweet I am going to check into this later!! Any advice on getting this going on advance!? Is it an integration from a specific vendor or is it a built in glide feature?



It’s already in production, for the new Glide Apps.

This is great and I go the Google api working. It works great! But how do we now differentiate the data into names and business names etc. It looks like Google natural language model can do this. But I can’t seem to connect that with this. I tried my Isaas software integrately. No luck there. I can get the API to fire and pass the OCRd image data. But I’m lost when trying to make a new contact other than all the info in one big text box.

it looks like AZURE works much better as it differentiates the data into name and business name etc, but I am pretty new to microsoft azure, I thought I had it setup right but when I copy the keys to glide API and try to run it, it says permission denied. any help is appreciated :smiley:

also I did setup and test the azure form recognizer studio and it does work excellently, just how do we integrate this with glide and get those fields to use to create a new contact?

lets connect the dots team! :smiley:

to me there is a missing link in the glide app as it never asks for the endpoint of my created azure app

Maybe after the OCR step, you run the result through an OpenAI step to get it in the format you want? Is it just one “name” and one “business name” per image?

I got it working with azure form recognizer rest API

Had to use a ISaaS service like integromat etc to make my own rest API PoST and GET. But it works amazing. Now my users can take picture of business card and it auto generated all contacts into the correct fields. Simply awesome!

Would you mind sharing how you setup your Post/Get in Make?

I dont use make so you will want to reach out to them to see how they send headers and query first. But you can get a start on what you need to call for by going here:

click at the bottom where it says testing console for your area of created resource and fill out that page to test your REST API prior to deployment


Awesome API. Will add it too our integrations wishlist requests.