Can Glide do that?

i want the user to take photo or multiple photos and draw on top of it (or mark something) then save the photo with its drawing

Can Glide Do that?

i was doing the same with appsheet, so i hope Glide able to do that. Hope



You can only upload one image at a time. Glide doesn’t provide any tool for annotating images, but most phone cameras provide that functionality.


Thank you :heart:

Really appreciate the proposed possibilities.

Thank you so much :heart:

Two more questions please (since the experts are here:

  1. Can i upload a PDF file and view it inside the app or via the browser?
  2. Can i integrate that functionality with OCR via a third party API?

Sorry for that many questions.


In general, yes. Although you might find you need to use an external integration tool such as Integromat (Make), Zapier, or Apps Script. I’ve managed to integrate with the Google Cloud Vision API in the past to do OCR.

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Thank you again Expert.

i am planning to hook with Blue beam, but once i discover the ability of Glide for scalability, and how the platform can assists me to achieve that project.

.Honestly thank, Not only for your respected prompt replies , but as well for the positive suggestions you are kindly providing.

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