Supporting charts

Is there a plan to support charts in the close future ?
That could be just another option for [inline] list view.

And in the mean-time, is there a way to link a chart from Google Sheets inside the app as an image?

We will announce some new charts soon.

As far as using Google Sheets charts, please see our docs:


Fantastic. I’ll just wait for your announcement then before breaking my teeth with Google Sheets. I’m sure you’ll be doing it in a much cooler way :slight_smile:

It will be a while before we have as many charts as Google Sheets charts. No teeth-breaking involved either way.

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Just gave it a try, and Google Sheets’ charts does not fit my needs, as its parameters are too static. Unless I’m missing something. I need to filter the data per logged-in user, so I need something more dynamic like Glide to generate a different chart per user.

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Yes that’s right, you’ll like what we have in store!

Can you say more about the charts you’d like to see?

Sure. I’m doing a budget management app. I’ll use stacked bar charts mostly.

Closing topic.