Glide Pages - Reporting Dashboard - Can't find charts components


Will the charts/graphs be available to Glide Pages, right now I’m using a free page to test the new feature but can’t find in the documentation anything related to graphs and charts.


Currently charts are not being supported in glide pages.
You can try webview and embed data studio

you can learn how to make your dashboard here.

and then publish the report and use the url in webview


Thanks @ShantanuIyengar, that’s exactly what I was thinking about.

But I was really hoping for an internal solution, sometimes data studio can block to many access to some reports, and it is impossible to remove the branding. is my preferred method for embedding charts as an image. There are many more options compared to glide’s chart options in apps.


Do they only embed as an image or are they dinamic as the webview sugested by @ShantanuIyengar? Are they interactive?

They embed as an image, so you can show them in inline lists, image components, etc. Anywhere that accepts an image in glide. You don’t have to rely on the webview component to embed them. As long as your image url is dynamically built from the data, then whenever the query parameters in the url change, the image will update.

A couple of examples where I user quickcharts:

What do you mean by interactive?

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They are not interactive, for that you can embed the graph from googlesheets, but the update time is a bit slow

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Like draggin mouse hover will show pie labels, or you can change the date that affects the visualization.

@PabloMFalero thanks.

Yes and no. It only creates an image. The image can be dynamic and dynamically change based on the data, so if you change some parameters via a choice component, date entry, text entry, etc, then those values can be updated in the url template column, which will then reload the updated image based on those parameters.

But it is not interactive in that way of hovering your mouse to show labels. You do have a lot of control though over how labels are displayed or other aspects of the charts, but it is still in image. It’s not a javascript interactive chart.


If you’re familiar with JavaScript you can do some chart.js in Replit/Github. It’s interactive.

Here’s an example from an app I did a while back.


I am using htmlembed:

Here is a demo:

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Oh and a related dumb question, I can’t find the webview in webpages, where is it?

I think is not supported yet :man_shrugging:t5: