Charts and dashboards in Glide Pages

Hi! Charts/Dashboard functions in Glide Pages seems not to be active as it is in the App. I think it would be a very relevant feature to be added to the website version – i actually love glide but my users are Dekstop users, not sense to develop an App. Is this in the roadmap for Pages? For when?

Thank you!


Hi everyone!
I would love for this feature to arrive soon too. If anyone knew a prediction it would help a lot.
Thanks and go Glide!

There’s no ETA for this, unfortunately.

You can use Quickchart in image blocks while waiting for a native solution. Actually Quickchart provides more options for you, compared to Glide Apps’ native chart.

Awesome, thanks man!
It will be of great help.
Thanks again

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Let us know if you have any questions regarding that!