🎉 Glide Community Meetup This Thursday

We’re hosting a community meetup this Thursday! :partying_face::nerd_face::tada:

Come and hang out with the Glide team and other members of the community. We’ll be asking some questions, answering some questions, showing some things… who knows… we might even talk about Glide! :wink:

It’s this Thursday 11:30 PT. Register here → https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_WsHhc5nlS8KehNNjm81BTw

If you have questions you want to be answered please post below! And if you want to showcase your app, please submit to https://communitymeetup.glideapp.io and we will do our best to go through them all!


Great I registered :clap:

Yeah! Also I registered :star_struck:

Please leave a comment here if you want to showcase an app you’ve been working on or if you have specific questions you’d like answered :slightly_smiling_face:

Also - for those of you who want to showcase an app. Please submit to https://communitymeetup.glideapp.io.

We may not get round to all of them, but if you want to jump on for a couple of minutes and show us what you’ve made that would be great! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @JackVaughan, I have a question regarding continued support for Google Sheets. Presently I have combined Glide with AppSheet to provide a membership app & an Admin app. AppSheet provides the Admin app, Covid QR scanning access control app. Glide does the public facing membership app brilliantly & AppSheet handles all the QR code scanning, as well as some other admin features. Both apps run off the same Google Sheet & it is combining well. Will we still be able to do this once you introduce Glide data store/sheets? Cheers Brad


Short answer @Brad_Legassick is yes. We will continue supporting Google Sheets. But we’ll cover it on the call as well.


Hi @JackVaughan
I really want to know more about Glide Sheets, if there is a deadline for implementation, limitations and other issues that you think are important for us to know. I have APPs that need a larger database to be viable.
Thank you!


Hi Jack. I’ve registered to join. Going on holiday the next day so hoping I can sneak out of packing for an hour!
One question for the call - When is a comprehensive Chat/Messaging component coming?!

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I’d like to know if you can share a more specific timeline for introducing publishing control. Thank you!

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Ah shame! Won’t be there!

Shame I can’t join as it would be 1am over here but hopefully will have a short roundup if possible :smile:

Thank you for doing this, have a great day.


First, so excited that you are hosting this. Looking forward to hearing some of the things that are coming down the pipeline.



  • What are the glidesheet row limitations?
  • What is the Glide team doing to help us scale our apps by eliminating existing limitations (rows, storage)?
  • Is there a cost associated with it?


  • Any plans to have desktop interface editor? When?
  • Further elaborate on app store process… cost? updates? data? Timeline update?
  • Any plans to offer more charting and sizing options?
  • Any plans to offer different lookup (reference) field component types?
  • Multi selection options on forms? For things like tags (realestate property has AC, pool, RV access, etc)
  • Any plans to have more map control? Pin colors? icons, etc.
  • Any plans to have workflow actions that connect to different parts of the sheet if certain actions are performed?
  • Email notifications? What is your plan with that? How will it work?
  • App publishing controls?
  • Any plans for QR code creation and scanning?

Can you please give an update on the situation with all of the Phone themes getting frozen, stuck, broken. Custom sign in and themes are awesome, but they literally just don’t work in execution. :crying_cat_face:

I’ll be unavailable at that time, but super happy you guys take the time to do these. I have a few questions:

  • Counting values from user-specific columns would be amazing for things like “voting” and amount of “likes/favorites” without creating new tables that suck up lots of rows and data. Is it possible to count from user-specific cells and how soon could we expect this functionality?

  • I work a lot with Discord users. Users mix up their Discord Tag and Discord IDs often, so I want to force them to only enter numbers when I ask for them to link their Discord ID. However, once submitted the google sheet does not reflect exactly what is entered because it is such a long number. For example, “83707053398294528” enters as “83707053398294530” or “83707053398294500” sometimes. Or it will even turn it scientific with like 8.3707E17. To avoid this, I must use a Text Entry. Would it be possible to prevent long number entries being converted when added to the Google Sheet?


@JackVaughan Do you plan to publish the discussion points or updates post meetup for those who cannot attend?

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I will try to record the call


I’m super excited to join this. Will be my first community event attendance.

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Thank you for recording - I have to run a webinar at 11 am and will jump on as soon as it is over - hopefully noon. :+1:t2:

@JackVaughan I will try to show up although being at dinner with the in-laws :crazy_face:


  1. please give a status on your gdpr implementation. When do you expect that glide will be gdpr compliant. What are the missing pieces as you see it
  2. why don’t we need to obtain consent to put a cookie on the phone to be used by the pwa.